Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Rainbow

I sometimes wonder how us parents bite our tongues and control laughter when our kids say stuff? Last night, as Jevan and I were leaving to pick up Sydney at the school, Jumbo, one of my chihuahuas, is trying to jump in the truck. I don't usually take any of the dogs with us when I'm heading into town because it's too hot in the summertime to dare leave them in the truck, even for a few minutes. Anyway Jumbo is desperately trying to get in and I tell him "Down Jumbo you have to stay home." He whines a bit and mopes back to the house, and I feel guilty leaving him behind.

I say to Jevan "Darn Jumbo, I wish he wouldn't do that."

My six year old replies so seriously "Yeah Mama, those dogs are really pissing me off."

After the initial shock, he gets a stern talking to, but you wonder where the heck he picks this stuff up and make a mental note to watch my own language :)

As we are heading down the driveway all is forgotten a few minutes later when Jevan hollers "Hey Mama there's a rainbow!" I quickly grabbed my camera and caught this:

Rainbow on the Ranch

We could see the whole rainbow but there was no way I could get back far enough to take a picture of it all... and that really p*ssed me off! (I'm kidding, I'm kidding!) lol


Moonshadow said...

Fabulous photo! and GREAT post!! It certainly all came together for this one.

Anonymous said...


nikina said...

ha ha ha...cute !!!
the pic is beautiful...but i understand that it was p#@$%@#$ you off !!!

jackie said...

Nicole always gets me when she say "what the..." or "well, duh!"

Kids these days ;-)

Bottom Feeder said...

Great shot...sigh...

DaviMack said...

Beautiful shot!

Now - you need a good, wide-angle lens, so you don't have to stand back so far!