Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Weaved Flat Bottom Round Bag Red KK

I've never tried weaving before and then saw a backpack at the Provocraft site. I really liked the bottom of the bag but I didn't want it as big, so I used the red KK. After the initial weaving of the bottom I came up with my own design. It was really quite simple. The bottom can be quite stiff or as loose as you weave it. It's big enough to hold a cell phone, sunglasses, and a bottle of suntan lotion or what I used the green/purple one yesterday for; knitting tool, baby food jar with all my markers and stuff, and one skein of wool!

With one strand of yarn tie a loose knot at peg 1 or wrap to your holding peg, then go straight over to peg 16, come back to peg 31, 15, 30, 14, 29, and so on. When you get back to peg 1, untie the knot and tie the yarn together. Cut yarn.
Thread a tapestry needle with a double strand and start weaving at peg 1. You must go under the two strands and then over the next two strands, start near the centre. When you get back to peg 1 make sure you are doing the opposite of what you did on your first round. Continue weaving around until the bottom is all filled in. Cut yarn. I had to add a few times so I made sure my ties were on the top so they wouldn't show through. For the second bag I weaved the ends in from the middle out to where I stopped and carried on. I found it much easier to weave upside down so the yarn didn't get caught on the pegs all the time.

Row 1 - 22 or desired length: e-wrap a double strand and knit over. I used Red Heart Shetland Chunky on the green/purple bag, and on the yellow/reddish one I used Bernat Soft Boucle for the reddish and worsted weight chunky for the yellow. The pictures are from a few bags I made so the colours are a bit different.

Remove with a 5.50 mm crochet hook with two single crochets in between. For the tie: use a crochet hook, chain 100 with a double strand of yarn and thread through a few rows down from top of bag. Weave in all ends.

Click here to view/save in PDF format.


Anonymous said...

That is so great...I would never have thought...I LOVE IT. I'm going to try it on a purse for felting and see how it turns out. YOU are WONDERFUL! Thanks!


linda: off the loom said...

I love how these bags turned out. Thanks for sharing the photos of how you weave the bottom. Much better and clearer than the instructions on the Provo Craft site.

LizAnderson said...

Kansas -
Love your Blog. The pictures of the woven bag bottom are exceptional. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!


Anonymous said...

Kansas, I love it! Thanks for blazing the trail and then sharing it!
Rocky Mtn. Monica

sarainitaly said...

Love that idea for the bottom! LOVE it! It looks great. Can't wait to try it. I love the plastic bag too. YOu defintely have come up with some very unique and new loom projects! Brava!

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to find clearer instructions and pictures to make this with no luck.
Putting your blog in my favorites.


heather said...

I was looking for help with this. I just started looming and you left a comment on my blog. I thought I would check yours out too and you just helped me a great deal. I wanted to make a small bag to put my sock yarn in and a handle on so I could walk around a hand knit socks at the same time, like on the treadmill or something. Thanks again!!

Heather Chatman

Jennifer M said...

This is a old post so you will probably never read this, but I wanted to let you know that I LOVE you for explaining this to me, As we speak I am knitting up some Halloween bags for trick or treating this Oct and we also have a resort that celebrates Labor day halloween (no clue why) so the kids love that. Thanks for this Kansas!

Angela Johnson said...

Thank you so very much for explaining this so simply, I tried to make a woven top hat, but could not get the weave to work properly, but now after looking at yours and reading your instructions I will be having another go.
Thank you from Australia!!

Angela Johnson

Anonymous said...

I am def making a rug using this pattern and it is totes cute!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you. I am making a bag and wanted a round bottom using my round loom. All I could find was weaving with straw, or newspaper.After several attempts at doing my own thing and taking it all apart. This looks so do-able.
An answer to prayer.