Monday, May 1, 2006

Broom Topper

Sort of a silly little project that takes very little time and very little yarn :) It's a broom topper to stick up in the corners of your ceiling and walls to grab those dust bunnies or cobwebs.
I used Cindy Albert's child mitten loom. E-wrap 15 or so rows with a double strand of cotton. On the 16th row at peg one e-wrap 20 times, so you would e-wrap once, knit over, do this 20 times on peg one, pull up a loop from near the bottom of the first stitch you did and put on peg one, knit over, go to peg 2 and repeat peg one. Do this all the way around the eight pegs. This is how you get the loops hanging all over. Make sure all loops are sticking out the top and thread a tapestry needle, use the gathering method to remove but tie on the outside. Weave in ends. In the pictures I have it on my swiffer handle but I put it on my broom and it fits fine.

Click here to download in PDF format


Debbie said...

If you keep making things like this, I'll have to start CLEANING MY HOUSE!!


Great idea Kansas!

Sorka said...

Coool!! Now.. if I could only find my swiffer..heheh I need to outfit it with cotton!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a really neat idea! I need one right now for my cobwebs :)

sarainitaly said...

Cute cute! I love the swiffer thing too. I go through a lot of those. (ok, not as many as I should, because I don't clean as often as I should... hehe)

Nice work!

Peggy's Place said...

Way Cool!! I need one of those. Where do those dust bunnies hide anyway.

Peggy in Utah

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. I love this idea. I am making some tonight.