Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Two Gals in the Flock

It's "setting" time in the coop again but no one's liking me much because I keep taking their eggs. I get some low growls, and the odd "it doesn't hurt at all" peck.
This is Midnight. She's sort of special, but then, all my chickens are. Way back, when Hubby found all those banty chicks in the baler, we had a chicken (Pinky) setting on some eggs. Slowly, one by one, she kept losing them, until there was only one left. The day I placed all the adopted chicks under her I grabbed that lone egg and, thinking it was a dud, was going to toss it. I walked down to the shop, holding the egg in my hand. When I got there I chatted with Hubby for a bit and suddenly I felt a very teeny peck peck in my hand, right through the egg! I cautiously scooted back to the coop and placed that egg back under Pinky... the next morning there was a very small all black chick along with the adoptees. She looked so funny, compared to the others, because everything on her was black... her legs, beak, and body... black as midnight. She has since got some colour around her face but will forever hold the name Midnight.

Here's Baby Banty. She came in with Mama Banty one very cold winter. Her one brother is long gone but Sammy (her other brother) is still with us, as is Mama Banty. I swore I would never have banty's in my coop and here I am with a mish mash of all kinds of chickens! Baby Banty has proven herself an excellent Mother... even attacking one of our Chihuahua's when he dared enter the coop. She will adopt any stray chick, or even not a stray and the fight is on.

I might let them both set when the weather warms a bit because my older chicks are getting, well, old. I have 33 birds and been averaging about 12-16 eggs a day with 31 layers so I know the older ones aren't really putting out much anymore. I'm just not the type to butcher up my buds tho' so they'll probably just die off natural deaths.


Jackie said...

From computers to chickens! You amaze me, woman! ANd why would you never have banty's in your coop? Asks she who knows nothing about chickens?

Oma said...

They do look like they know you. I am sure they love you like all your pets do. You do chat with them a lot. :)

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

I was a 70's back-to-the-lander and am now vicariously living my dreams through you!! I loved my chickens and they loved me!! I am on a city lot with a hubby that is not interested in that kind of a life. Thanks, Roz

KansasA said...

Thanks Roz!

David T. Macknet said...

It's interesting to think about having a relationship to animals ... and, again, it's kinda normal, isn't it?

Thanks again for writing this blog. Makes me think about what it's like to actually live on a farm.

Anonymous said...

They are so pretty. I am with you on the not butchering them out. We have fresh young ones, when we have laying hens, they will leave by attrition. They put in their time giving eggs, I don't want to be boiling them in the cauldron;-).

Dora Renee Wilkerson said...

I need to get a roaster for my girls (well for later on that is.)I think I'll order some more today..

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

It's just hard to find them down here for some reason. Everyone seems to have chickens but they don't want to sell any right now.. Oh, well there is always the internet and place to buy them on there.