Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Busy, busy

I've been happily looming away on my Infinity loom and realize this "use up leftover wool and let Sydney pick out the colours" afghan is going to take awhile, I'm at just one foot...a mere 12 inches...how many centimetres is that, maybe if I convert to millimetres it will seem longer? I might be done by the time the cold weather hits. One thing for sure, this afghan is going to be warm and very, very heavy...the 1 over 2 stitch is pretty thick. I have slipped in a few other projects and they've kept me busy. I've loomed up a pair of fine gauge socks...for myself, picture to come after I wash them and hopefully they will shrink a bit. And of course Jevan's hat, I have another chart made up, this time three lines long but I haven't done it yet. I'll post a picture along with the chart when I get it done. I tried to chart the yellow KK loom but with 41 pegs I have yet to work out a pattern...anyone have ideas? I think we should have a rule that no loom shall have an uneven amount of pegs...yup, let's boycott the "odd" looms of the world!!

The greenhouse has kept me pretty busy and I've got to get my tomatoes transplanted toot sweet. They're looking kinda leggy in the mini greenhouse and they really should be moved to the outside greenhouse. We've had a few cold mornings but nothing too serious, mind you it was -5 Celsius the other morning, brrrr, maybe I should get to work on my infinity.


bethalice said...

I love how your afghan is coming out! Are the patterns in it on purpose? Or are you just lucky? Either way, I cannot wait until it is done - so HURRY UP! LOL!

Andrea said...

hehe that would be 30cm or 300mm

Steven said...

Hey Kansas....I love your afghan on the infinity loom...I purchased one myself today!!!! my question is what is your loom supported on in the picture? When your working on your afghan how do you support the loom?
Take care, and I love your Blog!
Studio City, CA