Sunday, April 2, 2006

Homemade Seed tape

Today I made my own seed tape. It was soooo simple! It's quite a savings when you compare what it costs for seeds already done and what a regular pack of seeds cost and the amount you get. And best of all there won't be much for thinning this year!!
I mixed up about a 1/2 cup of flour and added enough water to make a rather soupy paste. I used my hand mixer to make it quite smooth, then put it into a ziploc baggie until I was ready to use it. I cut newspaper into 1 inch strips and used a child's medicine eye dropper to dab the soupy paste mixture on it spaced apart according to package directions or what you prefer. I placed my seeds into the dabs, then used a toothpick to push the seeds into the dab. Let dry, roll up using a small piece of tape to join the strips and place in a large ziploc. When it comes time to plant; place seed side up, cover with dirt, add plenty of water.
The pictures show two packs of beets and one package of radish.
I think for next time I might use the flour/water mixture to join the strips instead of tape so everything is biodegradable.


chmir2 said...

Great idea!
This will be a fun project for my toddlers to help me plant things this year.

antonella said...

great idea! I haven't a place to plant my seed but your idea is very en-expensive!

Rilda Peel said...

Very informative and simple to do. Thanks for sharing. May your garden be one of overflow. *U* rilda

Anonymous said...

would love to know how well these worked. Do you do this with seeds you save from one year to the next?I am letting several plants go to seed so I can save them for the next planting season. I like using seed tapes for some of the smaller things, (radishes, carrots, beets etc.)

bronzfrog said...

Great idea! I have a suggestion. You could cut a tiny bit off of the corner of the ziplock and dab your paste out of the bag and save a step.