Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Annual Branding 2006

I'd like to introduce my husband Johnny, he's the one kneeling down at the drum. Holding the calf is Billy and Rick is to the right.

A good time was had by all for our annual branding, well all except the calves, but we have a calf table now instead of ropers, which is so much better for the calves. They are vaccinated, branded and released back to their Mama's rather quickly now.
This year we did something a bit different for lunch; we had a Chinese theme. I cooked up the chow mein and sweet & sour. My sister, Biffy, did the beef stir fry and a girlfriend, Nancy, brought the chinese desserts and rice. There was also fried rice, and a few other dishes too. Nan and Grandma had some very delicious desserts and everything turned out really good. There wasn't a whole lot left over; now that's the sign of a great meal :)

Pops, Dan, William, Billy, Johnny, Brent, Cowboy Bob, Eric, Lionel, and Rick. I'm not sure who that is standing on top of the chute.

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Nancy said...

Lionel and I had so much fun--we finally made it this year!