Monday, January 1, 2007

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First Things First..

What is the first thing you did in the new year?

I have finished up a pair of slippers (see previous post), have bread & buns rising as I type, and have a big pot of turkey soup on the stove.

What is the first thing you ate in the new year?

Well I snuck out of bed around 1:00 this morning and made myself a turkey sandwich! We usually go to my MIL's for Christmas and haven't had leftover turkey in years so yesterday I cooked a turkey and couldn't resist having a sandwich with cranberries, mayo (low-fat of course) and salt & pepper...mmm mmm mmm.

What is the first thing you knit in the new year?

I finished up a pair of Scruffie Slippers....and can you believe they are actually for me!!

What is your first ‘blessing’ of the new year?

My blessing was the peace & quiet I had before anyone in the house was up this morning...ahhh...short but sweet.

What is the first thing you will do to make the world a better place in the new year?

I will continue to raise my children instilling in them respect, thankfulness, and politeness, this may not pay off this year but will in future years to come!

Post the first photo you took in the new year!

Of course it was of the Scruffie Slippers I finished this morning :)

Happy New year.. may your year be filled with peace, prosperity, and compassion.

Tag five people who’s firsts you want to know! Happy New Year from Kansas at Canadian Crafter!

I tag my sister Biffy, my daughter Dallas, my Mom, Karen C, and for my fifth person I choose anyone who wants to posts their firsts this year!!

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karen said...

Kansas, I like the scruffies wish I could wear something like this, oh well.