Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Shhhhh...I can hear the quiet

Can you believe it? Both kids are in bed and I think they are actually sleeping! Well maybe not Jevan but I threatened him within an inch of his life if he gets out of bed "one more time!" I tell you; I go to bed with kids and I wake up with kids, there is no rest for the wicked! Jevan is a night owl so most nights he's not sleeping until at least 10 and more like 11/12ish. And then Sydney has to be up by 7:30 every morning so I'm usually up between 6 and 7 but I need the hour or so quiet time after Jevan finally quits coming out of his room so that puts me in bed around 1 or 2ish...doesn't leave much time for sleeping. Oh Lord I need a vacation, problem is I just couldn't imagine leaving my chillin's for more than a night...naaah I couldn't even last one night without them :) Well it's only a year and a half and Jevan will start riding the school bus so I guess I'll get some quiet time then LOL.
I've been working on a hat using Brenda's cast on method. All was fine and dandy until I went to cinch it closed and my wool just snapped, both strands! I'm sure it wasn't regular weight because it seemed a bit thin so I threaded a tapestry needle and closed it up that way, it worked out okay and I love the idea of working "down" on a hat or "up" if you were to make a slipper. If you haven't had a chance to browse Brenda's blog you really should. She has a lot of "quickies," which happen to be my favourite, I find it hard to loom up something that takes more than a day. I guess that's why I love knitting up dishcloths; a few hours and you're done. Speaking of dishcloths, wow did I stumble on a great site for that tonight! It's called "Harvest Moon Designs" and even though a lot of them cost she has a few for free too. I printed one out called "'06 Christmas Ornament" but I don't have any red cotton so I'm using blue, I think it will look neat when it's done. They are all knitted on needles but the freebies are pretty basic: knit and purls, so even if you just know the basics of knitting you could try.
I'm off to Kamloops tomorrow with my oldest daughter Dallas. I really need to get some "city" shopping done and I have a few things to return. I had my girlfriend Pat pick up a headset for me last week at Staples and then found it online for (get this) 35 dollars cheaper! I went to Tiger Direct and it was a mere 15.99, not even on sale! I really like the prices at Tiger but their shipping is horrendous. My last order took about 21 days, and that's UPS. What do those people do, drive backwards across the Provinces, probably counting their money from their inflated shipping charges? The other thing I'm returning is a cutting board I picked up at Wal-Mart, the thing is falling apart. It's made by Touch of Country Home and I'm not impressed. I've never checked out their homepage but that's what is written on the label. I hate returning things but I hate more having the item sit there and taunt me so back they go, besides Dallas is really good at returning stuff and she'll do it :)
Well it's taken me a half hour to write this post and if I hustle I'll be able to get to bed before 11:00! I've got to be out the door before 7 tomorrow with Jevan ready to go! Night all...


Anonymous said...

Hi! I wanted to stop by and visit and thank you for stopping by my place earlier in the week. I'm wading through my emails/comments now.

I just purchased a loom and I LOVE it!! So far I've only made a teeny tiny purse - and it isn't very good, but I was so excited that I actually DID it! =) It doesn't take much to make me happy...

I'm going to spend even more time here and follow some of the links you've posted. I'd like to learn to do more on my looms.

BTW, I I have the loom set that has the 4 biggest looms (yellow, green, red and blue). Do you know where to find the tiny little peach colored one for making the easter eggs? I've never seen that - and I WANT one! =)

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi, me again! =) Thank you for stopping by and passing on the info about the flower loom. I went to Michael's today, and AC Moore and Wallyworld - I think I'll just have to order it from somewhere - which is fine! =) Thank you, also, for the link to the company that sells the Wonderlooms - pretty cool!

I posted a picture of my (pathetic) little first-time-ever-made-without-a-pattern-purse at my blog - here is the addy:



Please don't laugh! =)

Take care, Donna

Diane said...

Hello, i found your blog by way of "i wish i were baking". great to meet another fellow canadian.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I've been checking your blog daily and I got a little worried when there were no new posts - especially after your posts about the Big Slide!! I'm glad everything is ok! =)

Thank you for your VERY kind comments about my little purse! =)

I've been reading your blog and you have such a great creativity and you make lovely things. I've really appreciated the links to the sites that have videos! =) I am a hands-on person, but also very visual, so it helps to have someone "talk" me through it as I am doing it! =)

Take care!