Sunday, April 1, 2007

What the heck?

My Snow Garden

April 1st and I woke up to snow coming down...and it's still coming down! It's after 2:00! I can't believe this, it's just not typical for Lillooet at all. So now my garden sits sand, no cultivating, no nothing. I say to hubby "Well can't we just..." And he replies back "Too wet" in his typical low-tone oh well I could care less attitude because I have other more important man jobs to do down at the shop. Too wet...growl! So today was spent inside the house, making a pot of chili for supper, blogging, and playing X-Box with Sydney.
Hey all you fellow bloggers out there, and even if you don't blog you can still enter a contest to win a Dyson vacuum cleaner over at 5 Minutes for Mom blog! It's Dyson's new "Slim" DC18 for all floors vacuum. I own the Dyson DC15 Animal with the "ball" and I can't say enough about this vacuum. And believe me, I have owned a ton of vacuums, including two central vacs, an electrolux, a swiffer, a shark, an orek, and a couple of dustbusters...nothing compares to my Dyson! Try and take it and you'll find yourself buried in my wet garden! I do not benefit whether you enter the contest or not, I just love my Dyson and I think everyone should have one! The only catch is you have to have a US address, and lucky me my hubby's Aunt lives in the States (I call her my Border Fairy) LOL. The draw takes place on April 4th...mmmm why is that day special to me?

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Mom said...

It looks like fun was had by all. I think it should be a very,very special day tomorrow. My Birthday girl and guy. I'm glad you will spend it together. A big birthday hug to both of you. Loads of Love Mom