Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Killdeer Birds

Killdeer bird with two baby chicks
Everyday, while out in the garden, I see a pair of these birds. It doesn't matter what time I'm out there, they're there. I didn't know the name of them until I started searching online this morning. At first I thought they might be a Sandpiper, my MIL said a Snipe, hubby said Larkspur, and then there was a couple more choices online but I've narrowed it down to a Killdeer. Okay, what kind of name is "Killdeer?" And why would someone name these little birds that? I'm sure it would take more than a few flocks to get together and kill a deer! They are odd little things, not much flying, mostly running and making noise. They blend in very well and if they didn't make a sound you probably wouldn't know they were there. So this morning I'm in the garden and I hear them peeping... I look and there's two little babies! Oh so cute, they look almost identical to their parents but a miniature version. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures, the babies and Mama (or Papa, I'm not quite sure) sort of blend in so they're a bit difficult to see. I also grabbed my video camera but the babies were gone when I got back. There's a good shot of them pretending to be hurt and leading me away from their nest. And they get a bit testy if you do happen to get too close. It's not quite "National Geographic" but I hope you enjoy the video :)


Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

We have these birds too. Oh, can they be protective! Just LAST NIGHT we were out clearing land and I had one that would get real loud and flap her wings at me. I took a picture of her eggs just the other day. It's amazing how well they blend into the ground (we stay away from them so we don't hurt the eggs.) My husband has a cute knickname for them he calls them the old nannies because they are so vocal (protecting their nest and all.)

Well I love your pictures.

Guess what I am keeping to my working out too. So, please keep those good recipes coming! I am sticking to working out and eatting!


Take care,

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

Nancy said...

My eldest son, the ornithologist in our family, tells me that they are named Killdeer for their call of "kill-deer" but they are most famous for running around faking a broken wing to draw predators away from their young. I've seen them do it and it's the cutest thing.

nins said...

for such cute little birdies, they sure have a vicious name!!