Monday, July 23, 2007

Just another day on the Ranch

This morning Pops (FIL) came over to neuter our cat, Billie. The neighbour's cat we just did the other day was no where near as upset as our own! It took five of us to hold Billie down while Pops performed the procedure. I was wearing my trusty leather work gloves when Billie bit through them drawing blood on my hand, this was after he bit through Hubby's welding gloves! Can't say that I blame him though. I know it's a terrible procedure but living on a ranch with as many animals as we have you have to "help control the pet population" as Bob Barker says. We thought about "banding" but it's something that can take up to a month to finish so we opted for cutting, it's quick and over with. I get a bit squeamish when it comes to certain things on the ranch and often have to tell myself that whatever gets on my hands can simply be washed off but if you want to see a pro you should be here when Pops is tending any of the animals. The man thinks nothing of wiping areas that would make me cringe and run screaming for my disposable surgical gloves!
If you don't like the sight of blood look no further.
I'll start out easy on you and show you my hand:

I debated over posting the next picture. Most of ya'll have never and will never see this again. Billie is doing fine and has returned to his regular spot on my counter beside my canning sinks.

The dime is to compare size, it didn't come from Billie :)


Mom said...

Hi Kansas.... I'm glad I do know how your FIL loves animals or I might be forced to think him a cruel man. He is even gentle to the hens in the barn so I am glad if
someone has to do this
it's him. Most of all I am happy I live close to a vet when my babies need services of any kind. I do agree with the "Bob Barker" policy, I watched his last show recently and I am sure a lot of people are going to miss him.
Now getting back to your cat I hope you give him lots of tender loving care in the next few days and I do think you should forgive him for the little bite. :) All I can picture when I read this post is a cartoon caricature of a cat with all his hair sticking out like he had stuck his tail into a light socket. :) Caption Reading: "Billies' Balls Gone". Ouch! Really it makes me shudder so I shouldn't be laughing!! :)

Love ya!

jackie said...

Yup! Never before seen and never to see again! I hope.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mom!!! ROFLOL - I just fell out of my chair:

"I read this post is a cartoon caricature of a cat with all his hair sticking out like he had stuck his tail into a light socket. :) Caption Reading: "Billies' Balls Gone". Ouch! "

Seriously, though, poor Billie! Kansas, you amaze me with your bravery and steel stomach. I would have walked out and not come back until the "procedure" was finished. I'm glad Billie is back on your kitchen counter (I would give him extra goodies to eat, too) and I hope your hand feels better, and his, um, well, you know...

Umm...did your FIL have to stitch Billie, too? Or is there no stitching involved? Just curious...

Mom said...

Hello Again...
I agree poor Billie. I hope he is feeling better today. The poor cat was getting so spoiled and loved and all of a sudden the whole family attacks him. "Like hey I thought you guys were nice!". I really have to quit thinking about this cat because every time I do I start to laugh. Then I do feel bad. Oh my what a dilemma. :) I am not looking at this picture anymore I will just quickly bybass it.

The girl who never looks @ your blog said...

GOD MOM, that is so gross!!

Gloria said...

Hi Kansas
Never thought I'd see you post that !LOL
Your South of the boarder
neighbor Gloria