Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More New Techie Stuff

I'm always game for trying out new stuff, I've blogged about it before, so of course when I saw the little gadget you see at the bottom of this post I just had to try it :) They say 95% of people who visit a blog do not post a comment... hmmm? I guess I fall into the 5% that do because I'm pretty good about commenting, I guess it's just my nature :) Apparently people don't comment because they don't know what to say or someone has already said what you wanted to say, so this thing is supposed to make life easier for your visitors. Gee I sound like a salesperson, well I get nothing for it except the kicks I get to see, if this works :) We'll see in about a week or so.... feel free to click away, and while you're at it leave me a comment and tell me what you think? Tacky or Terrific?
PS If it doesn't show up right away, give it a minute, I don't know if it's my satellite connection, blogger, Google docs, or the stars and planets aren't quite lined up, but everything seems awfully slow tonight.


Anonymous said...

I did it. I think it is a cool little gadget. But the point is probably to click and not comment here. They need to add a pop-up box or something that lets you add a little more (or not) to the handy pre-filled buttons. Still a fun idea.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm...maybe for those who are persons of few words, it would be a good thing to be able to just click and move onto the next blog.


I am a long-winded woman who prefers to leave small books on the comment pages of blogs. =) So, I still prefer the little comment box (but perhaps you grow tired of my longwinded comments...)


Hope you are feeling better today!

Mom said...

Hi Kansas...
I also think this is a pretty cool gadget. (maybe a little too cool?) It would be a lot better if it did expand to let one say where they are from and maybe just a quick hello! It is much nicer to read the longer and more personal comments though.

Lova ya!

Kansas A said...

Oh I've been known to leave a rather long comment or two as well Donna LOL :) I like when someone leaves any kind of comment, but I average over a 100 hits a day and get so few people saying anything. Yet I've been to blogs where someone post three lines of text and they get 50 comments in a half hour?? I'm wondering if there's some underworld commenting mafia out there that I'm missing? LOL

DaviMack said...

It all depends on what you're after. If you've got a statcounter (as you do) then you already know that people visit. If you get emails of all of the comments (as I do), then you're going to be a bit peeved when they enter a one-word "hated it" or something.

There are others (hm hm) who don't embrace technology so much as actively resist it. So - good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the visits - I get lots of visits and only one or two comments. I've just decided that is ok, I least people are READING my blog! LOL!