Friday, July 13, 2007

Pie Cherries

Cherries anyone? Okay I'm about done...stick a fork in me, I'm done.... spent... exhausted... but I still have one more bucket of pie cherries to get through, Lord help me! They are so ripe I can't use my handy dandy pitter and I'm using my old pitter instead:

I guess I should consider myself lucky because before I thought about grabbing my old pitter I was squeezing the cherry pits out by hand, and that was making a mess of the cherries.

It started this morning when Hubby and I were enjoying coffee at the table. He said "I'll help you pick cherries up at Bert's this morning if we go right now." After choking on my hot coffee I almost fell off my chair! Don't get me wrong, he does help, and help quite often, but he does the manly things around here. You know, fix the fences, run the chainsaw, chop the wood, fix the chicken coop roof, stand up to pee, etc. But as for putting a dish in the dishwasher, or picking up toys, or (insert any of my chores here), he's never been much help in those departments. Yes I married a dinosaur, and he's younger than I am :)

We got to Bert's about 7:30 and promptly attacked the pie cherry tree.

This is how loaded the tree is:

I have no idea how old it is but Bert has lived there for 60 years so anytime between 1947 and now :) I'm banking on at least 50 for the amount of cherries on it!! After two hours we had enough and headed for home, it's only a two minute drive from our house. Hubby packed the cherries into the house (see there's that manly thing again).
So that leaves me pitting cherries for most of the day... I'm slipping in a coffee break just so I can blog and read emails but right after this I'm making cherry pie filling and then I promised Bert I'd make him a pie. Gotta love the old guy, for 95 he sure is "with it" and in just the brief time I've sat and talked with him I really wish I would have met him years ago. From the stories I've heard he's led quite an interesting life... I plan on going back up there today and if he lets me I'll snap a few pictures...


Anonymous said...

What lovely cherries!! Lucky you that he lets you pick his trees for the price of a pie! =)

I can see how you are so tired, though (bless you!). Won't it be worth it, though, when you crack open that first jar this winter and make a fresh pie and taste summer all over again? =)

Michelle said...

Those are the best looking cherries I've ever seen. I bet your pie is going to be yummy. I had no idea there was such a thing as a cherry pitter. I learn something new every day.

jackie said...

Sigh. Cherry pie. My favorite. Out of all the types of fruit trees that I could plant when we get our own land, I have always wanted a cherry tree. Or two. Or three. How many does Bert have?

Mom said...

Hi Kansas...
The cherries look great that's a great shot you took. I can hardly wait to taste your cherry pie after all you do make the best pastry in the family or anywhere for that matter. (tender, flaky, that melt in your mouth taste! mmmm!) Ok enough about that my mouth is watering. :)
Love ya Loads!