Thursday, August 30, 2007


I'm sure you would have to be living on Mars to not know about Facebook but I thought I'd blog about it anyway :)
I joined Facebook a couple of weeks ago after my Mom and one of my girlfriends pestered me about it. I can't believe my own mother was on it before me! But blogging keeps me busy and I just couldn't see joining yet another Internet thang. Well was I wrong!... I'm shocked at the amount of people who are on there. If you don't know what it is I'll try to explain. You look up old/new friends, people you haven't had contact with in years. I can only touch the tip of the iceberg because I don't fully understand it all but it's a lot of fun. Everyone is sort of "networked" and it's almost like "she knows two friends, and so on, and so on, etc." It all seems a bit confusing when you first sign up but after a few days you sort of get the hang of it. You have a "wall," or several different "walls" and people can post messages back and forth, "hey how's it going" and "what's new?" You can also send private messages, create albums and post pictures & videos. There are "applications" one can add to enhance Facebook even more; sending virtual drinks to friends, fortune cookies, tattoos... the list is endless. It's a great way to hook up with old friends and find new ones... give it a try :) I guess I should say I do not reap any benefits from you joining, I just think Facebook is really great and I felt like blogging about something tonight :) Have you signed up yet?


Mom said...

Your Mom might have been on here first but I still find it more than a little confusing. Oh well I will get used to it. :)

Love ya!

macman said...

I joined which is like facebook but much easier to use and understand plus it's for Canadians and newcomers to Canada. Still new but looks promising

Wendy said...

Oh yes, I found Facebook a little while ago. My girlfriend & daughter kept hounding me to sign up. Now I waste endless time poking distant relatives :) The best thing I like is I can sit with my dad and search out my hometown (yes, Lillooet) and ask dad if he remembers teaching this person or that person. Even if that age group is slow to get on there. 40+ LOL Great way to keep his mind active. He really enjoys it too.