Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ice & Ongoing Cleanup

Last night, after all the snow came down, we then got freezing rain, and now it's a sheet of ice everywhere.

Your eyes are not deceiving you, nor is my camera out of focus, that's ice on the thermometer. The good news of the day is we are on the plus side :)

Hubby is still cleaning up trees from the big windstorm last month. I braved the cold yesterday and headed out with video camera in hand. I'm serious about the cold, man oh man my hands were freezing when I got back to the house!

Here's about a 4 minute video of our 748e John Deere Skidder in action.


Anonymous said...

This was so cool to watch. Amazing machines and wow what their drivers can do with them. They have to have a (lotta guts) to do what they do! :) Nice to watch Johnny. Awesome! Loved it. The pictures were so clear, I have to say the photographer is pretty amazing as well. You must have been frozen out there! Brrrrrr!

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Very cool (get it?...cool? LOL)! Seriously - it reminds me of some giant army ant!

Stay warm!

jackie said...

I was thinking that it looks like some large bug too! Really large. Those are some big trees that thing is tossing around like match sticks.