Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Parcel in the Mail

Thank you Jackie! I received a parcel in the mail today all the way from New Brunswick... with homemade origami cards and reindeer to hang on the tree... soooo pretty :) Jackie said the reindeer are for the kids, but they will see them on the Christmas tree because no way is Jevan getting his hands on these beauties!

My twin brother is back visiting with us again. He looks so good and is enjoying his new job way up in Ft. St. John. I love it when he's here because he makes me laugh, albeit with some stupid stuff, but a laugh just the same :) Frank will stay with us for a few days and then head off south to Nanaimo to visit with Mom. I'm not sure if he's stopping back here before heading back north or not, I think he's just enjoying his Christmas break and will decide to go where the wind takes him for now, with a watchful eye from me :)


jackie said...

I'm glad that it made it through all the ice and snow! And I guess that I meant that the ornaments could be kids ornaments. I get my kids an ornament each every year. The theory being that when they eventually move out, they will be able to take a little of our Christmas tradition with them. I love the little reindeer. I'm glad that you like them too.

Mom said...

I love the reindeer. It is a beauty! I know Kansas will treasure these year after year. So unique!
See ya soon Frank.

Love Ya!