Sunday, December 30, 2007

What to do with those leftover Xmas Cards

"Think outside the box." Or just think "of a box." It's pretty simple to make small boxes from old Christmas cards.

Take one used Christmas card. (Thank you Isolde for the card, and a Merry Christmas to you too!)

Cut it on the crease:

Fold the picture side (this will be the top of your box) in half, but only pinch it on the end where the arrow indicates, do not crease it all the way down.

Open the card and put a small mark where you pinched it.

Fold it lengthwise and do the same thing:

You should have all four sides marked:

Fold up to exactly your pen marks and crease, I used a sharpie to really push it down. Fold, crease, and open all four sides.

Cut from the edges where arrows indicate:

Fold sides in:

Tape or glue flaps:

You want the bottom of the box slightly smaller so the top will fit over it. You'll do the bottom almost exactly the same as the top except you want to make your folds slightly over your pen marks:

Tada! A box:

If you want your box to look not so creased and a bit more professional then I suggest measuring instead of pinching the folds. You could make a stack of these boxes and give them to the kids or you can fill them up with small Christmas gifts for next year :) Have fun!


Mom said...

Hi Kansas.....
These little boxes go back a long way in my memories. Grandma showed me how to make them when I was little. (long long time ago?)lol. I am so happy to see them on your site, as I can never remember how to put the little things together! It is just an easy simple box but when you need one it just seems to fit the bill. They really can be made at anytime during the year with craft paper or even some new or used Valentine, Easter etc. cards. Hey I would think maybe a great kids projects for Valentines, a candy kiss in each or etc., etc., lots of thoughts. lol. Great post Kansas.

Love Ya!

jackie said...

I'm glad to see that you made it through Christmas. When you hadn't posted for a few days, I had visions of you under an avalanche of last minute gifts ;-)

Love the box idea! I'll show it to the kids in the morning and I am sure that our cards will soon disappear!

Louise Z said...

Actually I have made boxes out of alot of things. Leftover wallpaper is fun, paper grocery bags, even starched or stiff fabric.

Missed ya, hope you were having great time with the kids


Anonymous said...

I have made these before. They are a great way to use cards. Thanks for the play by play, as I kind of forgot how to do them. Happy New Year!

Joy said...

Maybe I'm missing something,where are the arrows, should there be a picture?the boxes sound good,but I think I need a picture even if it's just of the finished box

Kansas A said...

Hi Joy...
I think you're missing the pictures. There's 12 pictures to go along with the directions. Maybe clear your cache in your browser, that might help.

DaviMack said...

Nope, Kansas, it's not about the cache: it's about being logged into Google Docs first. I couldn't see them either, so I took a peek at the code behind your page. I got one of the URI's for the pictures ( in this case ) and followed that URI. I was first sent to a login page, which apparently was able to figure out that I'm already logged into, and could then give me a cookie from Now when I come back to the page I'm able to see all of the pictures, because I'm authenticated to with their own cookie.

So, what it boils down to, is that people won't see the pictures unless they've signed into Google's in some manner or other (by clicking on the link to the picture above, for example). For those people without a google login, they're simply out of luck.

It's a problem with hosting your pictures in that manner, or maybe with the security on the pictures being set so that only authenticated users can see them or something.

Darcy said...

I made these as a little girl and had forgotten all about them! My 6 year old would have fun making these. Thanks for posting the tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Ack! Your images are all dead links right now. I am trying to compile a list of ideas on how to reuse Christmas cards for my craft blog and would love to feature your link there, but can't without the images. :(

Kansas A said...

Hi sm00bs...
The pictures are there but for some reason not everyone can view them, and right now it doesn't seem to matter if you are associated with google or not, or running IE or Firefox. I'm pretty sure the problem is on google's end and have put in a call for help to them but have had no response as of yet. My suggestion is to clear your cache and cookies and you will possibly see them. Sorry.

HowToMe said...

How Cute! Great craft idea! Hoping 2008 is going well for you and yours :)