Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Memes & Awards

Wow, I feel like the popular, sexy blonde cheerleader in highschool the way awards and memes are flying my way :) Okay maybe not sexy, and not quite blonde, oh alright not even very popular, and it's only one meme and two awards... but I feel special nonetheless! LOL

First up is an award Jackie, from One Thread Two Thread, gave me.
It's the "You make my day Award!" This award is for blogs that bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Thanks Jackie, I'm blushin' here :)

Next up is an award from Dawn over at Colours of Dawn (Notice that Canadian spelling eh?)

Thanks Dawn! I'm confined to a Ranch in the middle of nowhere but I am a "Blogger of the World!" :) I really feel like standing tall, placing my hand over my heart, and shouting when I read that!!

And now for the meme.
It's two meme's rolled into one thanks to Baking Soda at Bake My Day. So great that she did that :)

I have to share seven random things about myself and share 5 facts about myself, well that's a lot of "about myself" and I'm gonna try and make this quick :)

1. Oh this is harder than I thought, I'm stuck on number one....
2. I've been known to skip things and get right to the point, hence number one will never be filled in.
3. I have three tatoos from my younger (much younger) days.
4. One is the whole size of my upper leg, a bird (phoenix?) rising from the ashes with full colour that took over 15 hours to do over a two day period.
5. The best part about my tatoos? They were all free :)
6. My Dad, who had a few himself, thought they were great... my Mom... not so cool.
7. If I had to do it all over again... I wouldn't change a thing!

1. I haven't dyed my hair in over 10 years and I don't care that I'm starting to get a few grey hairs... I earned 'em.
2. In the month/year of June 2003 I gave birth, registered one child for kindergarten, and my oldest graduated High School... whew what a ride!
3. I would throw my Hubby out on his ear if Randy Travis came knocking at my door ;)
4. I wish I could have told my Dad one more time how much I loved him.
5. Many things I start.... and never finish.

Whew that's it! Now I'm supposed to nominate a whole bunch of bloggers, but in my usual style I will let you pick. Leave me a comment so I can see if you took part, I'd love to read random and facts stuff about you :)


Baking Soda said...

Yippee! Great job! Thanks so much (you know I didn't even realize I pestered you with 7 ánd 5, so sorry!) Glad you played.

I'm looking at the size of my upper leg ... that's a mighty fine bird you have! (hah, I'm a would be food blogger and I tell you right away that I know where that goes to, this is my left upper leg speaking).

dawn said...

Congrats on the awards. Despite being stuck on a ranch, you have great things for the world to see and lots of variety.

Wow, that is one big tattoo. I have not coloured my hair either and only have a couple grey ones. I also start many things and don't finish them.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kansas and I too enjoy reading all about the very many things you do. I have passed many of your recipes on to people I work with and to friends. Keep up the good work!!!!! Pat

jackie said...

I haven't dyed my hair in 15 years and have more than a few greys. I hardly went a gentle colour change though. I was in a fashion show that year and the hair stylist asked if he could go wild with colour. I said "sure" and so he got out 7 bottles of different reds and whomped the bleach to my previously lovely brown hair. I LOVED the final results but my hair was so damaged that I never did it again.

Donna F said...

My congratulations to you for the awards. You deserve them and more. Of course you always have my top honor award. You are the BEST!

Love Ya!