Monday, February 4, 2008

Plowin' & Playin'

Before everyone arrived for the birthday party on Saturday, Hubby was out plowing the driveways. The skidder makes short order of snow as Hubby is out there just whipping around. I was sitting by the fire when he decided to "play" and gosh darnit the way he comes sailing in right up to me darn near knocks me off my chair! He thinks it's just soooooo funny and I end up editing out some rather colourful language :) You would think that I would get used to it after all these years but c'mon over and I'll let you give it a try. One of these days I'm going to surprise him and not move! You'll also see the kids left a tobaggon where Hubby needs to park so he, oh so skillfully, grabs it with the grapple and moves it... now I don't know if he is just showing off or what but you should have seen the kid's eyes! LOL. Towards the end of the clip you'll catch a glimse of Meegie, one of our chihuahuas. She just turned 13 on January 2nd and has so much spunk in her she will chase Hubby all over the Ranch, whether he's on the skidder, tractor, or his truck. She is such a faithful dog to him and I think she's happier than I am that the job he was going to didn't happen and he will be home instead of in a camp for a couple of months. Right now he's only gone for the week and home on the weekends.


jackie said...

Talk about your fine control of a very large piece of equipment! YOu can tell him that I am Very Impressed!

Anonymous said...

That was pretty cool. As soon as Sirdar heard the heavy equipment I had his attention on my computer. Yeh, I don't think I would be wanting to be on the receiving end of that kind of scare.

Donna F said...

That's Johnny! Right on, nice work. He makes it look so easy.