Monday, March 31, 2008

Hubby's Home!

Another trip to the airport in Kamloops and Hubby's home for a week or so. One of the trucks broke down and they've sent all the guys home a week early while waiting for it to be fixed. Here's the truck along with JR, the driver, standing beside it. That's quite the load!

My husband is quite the animal lover and buddies up with any stray. This is Austin, a neighbourhood dog who travels the city visiting everyone and anyone. One of his many stops is where Hubby has been staying, as well as a Chinese restaurant, and a few others, in the area. He'll stop off, grab a snack, and merrily be on his way. A few of the guys have even added Milk Bones to their grocery list just for Austin. Austin's owner has no idea where the collar came from, it glows in the dark and has a switch so it flashes at night.

Hubby also has a friend at work. A crow, who was pretty timid at first, has been getting closer and closer to the cab of the loader. He'll fly in and wait for Hubby to drop food saved just for him and then ride along. The crow has a disfigured foot but seems to get along fine. I'm just thankful he doesn't bring all these animals home!


dawn said...

Glad he is home for awhile again. That wouldn't be so good to have all those extra animals move in. We have had our share of interesting pets, strays and then there is the porcupine who hangs about.

jackie said...

I'm glad that hubbie's home for a bit. Those trees are HUGE! Any idea how old they would be?

Donna F said...

I think you would have to worry if that camp was closer to home. I don't think they will allow Johnny to fly home with the crow and the dog.
Your hubby takes pretty good pictures. (he must of had a great teacher aye!)oops eh! sp. :) Tell him we want one of him by the loader he is operating.