Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lunch Bag CD/DVD Holders

Quite sometime ago I remembered reading on Tipnut.com about using paper lunch bags to hold cds and dvds. For someone who gives away quite a few dvd's I thought this was a wonderful idea. It's also a great protector for stray cd's in the car. When I was in Kamloops I was browsing Wal-Mart and bought a fifty pack of lunch bags for $1.78. At the same time I also checked out cd sleeves, they were $3.97 for a 60 pack, quite a difference!

These are a breeze to make. The blog, Empty House, suggests cutting off about 1 1/2 inches across the top but I found I had to cut off just over 3 inches to make it work. The top then tucks into the flap on the bottom.

In reading the comments someone had suggested taping down the "backside," because the DVD/CD will only fit one way. I used two small pieces of tape and it worked great.

You can colour, stamp, or print and glue a label on them. Great idea! Thanks Tipnut.com and Empty House!


TadMack said...

You always joke about what a disaster your house is, but lady, I see HUGE evidence of capital 'O' organization going on! This looks great!

And I'm so, sooooo jealous of your loofah sprouts. Normally at this time of year every flat surface is covered with sprouting things, but this place is so tiny it would be adding to the chaos. My one basil plant has to fill the need for me now. SO I'm living vicariously through you!!

Tipnut said...

WOW Kansas A, you did a great job with these! Thanks for the mention :).

Kansas A said...

Hi Tadmack
My sister always threatens to "pull a Martha" on me, seriously! I keep thinking if I just had a basement I'd be fine, at least I could then hide stuff :) LOL
Next up; tomatoes and peppers.

dawn said...

Those look great. You have some fine graphics on them. Mine would have Sharpie labels scrawled across the front.

Anonymous said...

Those look great! And so much easier than doing it with paper, glue, templates, etc. Thanks for sharing!

Donna F said...

These are so cute and also very usful. A great tip. I always check out tipnut from your site.

Love Ya!