Friday, March 14, 2008

Never a dull moment... sigh...

Dallas, my oldest daughter, was out doing laundry today. I'm pretty sure the last time I was in town there was still one laundromat open but I guess when they rename it "Mom's" she'll start going there. Of course, along with her laundry, she brings items to be mended, because she thinks I can perform miracles and sew them like they've never been torn. Anyway as I'm sitting there running the sewing machine I can hear Jevan, my 4 yo, playing outside. He was whoopin' and a hollerin', as he usually does, when I turned to Dallas and said "Can you check Jevan for me?"

After a couple of minutes she toodles out there. At the same time the bus is barreling down the driveway with Sydney hot to start spring break. The next thing Sydney is racing up the stairs calling "Mama, MAMA! Jevan is stuck in a tree!"

Abruptly leaving the sewing machine, scrambling for my shoes, I go racing out there and, sure enough, Jevan is "stuck" in one of the willows. And when I say "stuck" I mean really STUCK! He's leaning sideways between a set of limbs shaped like a V, right at his belly. The size of the limbs are as round as he is, I'm thinking chainsaw because nothing else is going to get through those limbs!

Dallas is already halfway up the tree desperately trying to lift Jevan, and I holler at Sydney to grab the ladder. I should also let you know last Tuesday, when we were weighing up Hubby's cooler and suitcase to make sure they wouldn't be overweight on the plane, we had Jevan step on the scale. The boy now weighs a whopping 83 pounds! You don't just lift him up anymore.

The bus driver, Eric, sees our predicament and decides to stop and help. He climbs the ladder and lifts on one side, Dallas on the other side, and me from below. With a few mighty heave ho's we manage to get Jevan unstuck. His belly is a bit scraped and he has been told to stay out of the trees (yet again) and has hopefully learned a lesson (who am I kiddin'?).

You know, at this rate, my hair should be all grey, or even white! No Hubby, almost broken nose, missing dog, Jevan in a tree... c'mon week would you just end already?


jackie said...

I'm so glad that Jumbo made it home! And I hope that your weekend is better than your week!

83 pounds is a really big boy! He weighs more than my skinny Simon, who, at age 10, weighs 68 pounds.

TadMack said...

I hope you're not up reading this.
I hope you and your entire household is sleeping in... you deserve it.

Kansas A said...

Hi Tadmack, I crashed and burned on the couch last night (probably not good for my back) and woke up at 6:30 this morning! That's good for me because both kids will sleep in until around 10ish, ahhhhh the peace and quiet ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kansas,

To be sure, never a dull moment at your house...You must realize by now that you are never going to be a step ahead of Jevan. Just think of all the stories you can tell when he grows up...Have a great spring break...You deserve it...Pat

wendy said...

Hope you get the relaxing,non eventful weekend you so deserve! Good Luck!

Kansas A said...

Thanks Wendy! Tomorrow I'm turning my phone off, I've already had company out for breakfast... and that meant scrambling to do a quick clean up in the house, and now there's a pile of dirty dishes in the sink!

Vickie said...

Oh my gosh your week sounds like mine was last week. Any yep I have plenty of new grey hair to go along with it.

I cracked up laughing from your comment on my strawberry recipe posting. I hope you join in with it.

Take Care :)

Mikey said...

Oh that made me laugh! I was here last night, but had a migraine so bad I couldn't even comment. Yep, sounds like you grew some new grey hairs :)
Kids... the things they do. These are the times where you keep your shoes on and your jacket nearby cause you know you'll have to jump and run at some point.
Must be going around. My wild indian played on our new recliners (that I told her not to) and fell off right onto her nose. Same as your girl, not broken, but DANG it looked bad, and it bled a lot. I felt so bad. Your girl is TOUGH to stay in school. Guess she REALLY likes school??!!
Keep blogging, we love to read your adventures. I like the logging pics too, wow! That's a big ol loader!!

dawn said...

Oh that is terrible in a 'we will laugh at this in a few years' kind of way. I hope his scratches heal and you have a better week next week.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...Kansas - I know I shouldn't laugh... I KNOW I shouldn't...but...I'm glad you didn't need to use a chainsaw!!

How do boys manage to do these things???