Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not so good return

Kamloops Departure.

Last Friday, when I went to Kamloops to pick Hubby up, I had such a great day... but the return today wasn't near as good. In fact it was downright awful. Hubby wasn't supposed to head back to camp until Thursday but he got the call that he had to return on Wednesday instead, one day early. He came and woke me up at 4:10 AM and, as I pulled the pillow over my head, said "We've got lots of time, leave me alone!" He then told me I hadn't changed the clock and it was really 5:10... arrrrrgh! No shower, just a quick cup of coffee, a splash of makeup, and a brush through my hair and we were out the door at 5:40, about ten minutes late. We arrive at the airport just in time, quick goodbye, "see you in three weeks," and I'm on my way home.

Dvd case in hand, hubby boards the plane.

My cell phone was ringing in the airport and I returned a call to my MIL, she says everything is fine; Sydney has made it to school, Jevan is up and waiting for me. About a 1/2 hour later I have a message on my phone, Sydney, my 9 yo daughter, has broken her nose in school and they have her at the hospital! I was in cell range long enough to call the school and find out she's still at the hospital, I tell them I'll be there in about an hour. I put the peddle to the metal and fly to her school, thank goodness I drive by it on the way home.

When I get to her classroom I can see her face swollen from across the room. It looks as if her eyes go right across her face and she has no nose at all! Her one cheek is fairly swollen and she braves tears as she sees me. We sit outside in the hall and the first thing she tells me, through her swollen lips, is that there was blood from her lips and inside her mouth but her nose feels fine and she wants to stay in school. The doctor has told her that her nose is not broken (but they didn't do any x-rays). I try to convince her to come home but she is determined to stay and, in the end, I let her stay. She has strong feelings about missing school and unless she's downright dying will not miss even a minute. When I ask her what happened she explains that she was standing on some plastic blocks that were wet, she slipped, and fell face first into a metal object on the playground.

It's now close to four o'clock and Sydney should be home pretty quick. I'm on the lookout for one of my Chihuahua's as one is missing since I got home. Jumbo slept with me last night, was here this morning when I left but has yet to greet me, and that is not like him at all! All the other dogs are here, and so is the cat and chickens... time to go for a walk and hopefully he's down at the barn scrounging leftovers from a cow we did the other day. Oh how I wish this day would just end!

UPDATE: Sydney fell off of a hard plastic/metal stepping stone that is raised on a metal post, her face smacked right into the next one in the line on the playground.


jackie said...

Ok, Your day was WAY worse than mine. Poor Sydney! ANd I hope that your pup is just hiding somewhere and is OK.

You need to take a bath and put your feet up.

Northernlass1 said...

That is the worst day ever!! Tell Sydney I think she is sooo brave adn hope she's better soon. In UK they don't x-ray posible broken noses as you have to wait for the swelling to go down in order to see a fracture and by then its usually ok. Hope you find the dog!

TadMack said...

Oh, Kansas, no! I'm so sorry. Yuck, what a day. I adore that your daughter wanted to stay in school, though. A girl after my own heart. And she's okay with bruises, even!? Wow.

Hope you find the wee puppy...

Geez, I know you'll be glad to see Hubby when next he's home. Being home with everything -- sounds rough.

Kansas A said...

Hi Tadmack and Tracey
Thanks both for your comments, it's now morning and no sign of Jumbo :( I put an ad on our local listserv and hopefully someone will respond.

DaviMack said...

I can't imagine being apart for so long ... and I can certainly sympathize.

I thought it was only the idiot US who changed the day of the time change?! Canada jumped on the bandwagon?

Sorka said...

Man no X-ray? I'd be worried about her cheek and eye socket with the whole face swollen!
no fun at all!!

Come home little doogggiiieee!


WOW!! and I thought I was having a bad day. I pray you'll find the pup and tell Sydney she is very brave. I'll send you some hugs cause you sure need them! OOOOXX

chris said...

ooh poor Sydney. My son slipped on the stairs a few years back and bruised his face from lip to eye.
We had arnica tablets in the first aid kit(homeopathic bruise reducer) and it had gone almost back to normal by next day,except for a bit of colouring and a tender lip.

Kansas A said...

Hi Chris, can I buy the tablets by the case? On a more serious note, where do you buy such a thing? Health food store?

chris said...

hi kansas ,we get ours at the ordinary pharmacy . Health food stores might have them too.
They are tiny little tablets like seeds in size and you can buy cream too which I know works on bruises but is messier.

dawn said...

Oh that sounds terrible. How awful Sydney was hurt so bad. In our house we are sure to take photos of such injuries, not out of disrespect for the injured, but for the shear amazement a year later when we look at the photos and the hero who braved the injury can have bragging rights with proof (other than the scars). Yes, we are a weird bunch. I hope Sydney heals fast.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kansas - (((HUGS)))from Virginia!! I've been MIA and had no idea things were so crazy for you!!!! Glad Jumbo is home - hopefully the three weeks will pass quickly and hubby will be home again, too.

How is Sydney now?