Thursday, April 17, 2008

A little of this, a little of that

Yep it's official... I'm bored, bored out of my mind. It's that stage between waiting for the garden to be ready and watching stuff grow on the germination box. BORING... well at least once the stuff has come up, because it is exciting to see the little guys poke through the dirt but after that, well, not much to watch.

The repairman came today and swapped a part out of the washer, he left me the old part because it seemed to fix itself and has been working fine but "just in case" I have an extra part. I basically watched what he did, so if I have to, I will be able to put it in, fingers crossed I won't ever see the flood again.

I've been knitting a scarf, yes I've actually picked up my knitting needles! It's because I wanted to try knitting a cable and this pattern looked pretty simple. It seems odd to be knitting a scarf while our temperatures have been almost summer-like, but I figure I can tuck it away into my Christmas stash and save it. So far I've knitted over four feet but I think I'll quit at six, that way it should fit an adult.

Hubby is supposed to be home next week but there's extra wood in the sort yard so he may have to stay and dump it in the ocean so that means we won't see each other until almost the end of May. I was so looking forward to another trip to Kamloops and our one-night getaway, but it may have to wait :) I had to take a quick trip into Lytton on Tuesday so I thought I would send up a care package. The last parcel took 14 days to get to him so this time I used "Express Post." I was told it would be there in 3 to 5 days... I checked the tracking number and it was there the next day at 4:22! Just over 24 hours! Now I kick my butt because I really wanted to toss in some homemade bread but I figured that it would be stale by the time the parcel got there, at least I know better next time.


Anonymous said...

Kansas, what a pretty scarf. I heart cables. I've discovered that I don't enjoy knitting at all when it's cold. Thank goodness we only have 2-3 months of real cold here. So I do all my winter and summer knitting in the warm months. Cooler months are for small knitting and lots of reading.

jackie said...

If you had put the bread in then it would have been a delay and it would have been to him within a week. It is the law of Canada Post.

DaviMack said...

Of course, if anybody reads the blog, then they'll have forgotten about this by the time Christmas rolls around. ;) Nice cables!

dawn said...

Great thing to get started when bored. I wish I were bored sometimes. The mail so is unpredictable. Kind of like the weather.