Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sacrifices... hmmph

It's Saturday and I had to drive Sydney into school today. The letter stated "In order to put on this performance a lot of hard work and, at times, sacrifice is needed." Let me explain; her class is putting on a play, The Tempest, and they need to put in extra time for practice, that means school on a Saturday. Okay call me a mean Mama for grumbling but this is how my day went.

First off both kids have to go to bed early the night before because for us to be there by 9:00 am I have to have them up at 8:00. Jevan doesn't even get up at 8:00 on a regular school day, let alone a Saturday. Shall we just say "Mr. Grumpy" for the rest of the day? The drive is half an hour and 40 km's one way, total time: 2 hours and 160 km's for the day. I figure I might as well hit the grocery store when I'm there but I have to wait until 10 o'clock until either grocery store opens. I know no one well enough in Lytton to visit so I throw caution to the wind and show up 1/2 an hour late so the wait isn't as long, I think next time I'll be an hour late.
The teacher wants them there from 9 until 3 so that means after shopping I drive home, wait, and then drive back. Even if I did know someone I could visit for the day I have 33 chickens at home that cannot wait until 3:30 pm to be let out of their coop. Oh did I mention that Jevan threw up his breakfast before we hit Lytton? Yeah that was lovely, note to self; do not feed Jevan breakfast until we get back home. I would have given him gravol but I didn't want a grumpy, sleepy, spaced out kid dragging himself behind me at the grocery store so I took a chance and lost. Coming home I let him sit in the front seat and then he seems to be fine but one of these days I'm going to get pulled over and really hear it from the RCMP... the way my morning went it's a wonder it didn't happen today. Okay rant off... until the next letter comes home, grumble, grumble... :)

I did see quite the view on the way home.

In the left bottom you can see the ginseng field at a neighbour's down the road, and far off in the distance in the centre of the picture is the Ranch. It's hard to see but that's nasty snow coming down on the mountains.

Edit: Oh for heaven's sake!! I just read the letter all the way through and Sydney didn't have to be at the school until TEN! So we were actually half an hour EARLY! I swear the kid told me 9, and that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Note: don't take Sydney's word for it, read the next letter to the end!


I'm Mikey said...

Where you live is so beautiful!!! Love this pic!
Seems like it's still a little cold there :) Brrrrr
I don't know what kind of Aloe I've got here, looks just like the one you've got pictured. I confess, I didn't know they bloomed either, until it did :)
Have a wonderful Sunday, snuggle up and knit. And don't feed the kid before road trips, lol.

Wendy said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one who "occasionally" didn't read the entire letter from the school and took my daughers "word" for it. Then paid for it later by reading it.
I dreaded every letter my daugher ever brough home. Always meant work for me or guilt if I didn't do it. Glad those years are over!!! Whoo-hoo! Your day is making me enjoy my freedom. LOL Thank-you ;)

dawn said...

I don't like to follow someone else's schedule unless I signed up for it in the beginning. I do take the kids to their practises and their concerts, but I guess I go into it expecting it.

Kansas A said...

Hi Wendy, I'll get a wee tiny bit of freedom come September when Jevan starts school! Yay!! It's my spark of hope that I keep thinking about just so I don't go insane :)

jackie said...

Oh you poor woman! I am so thankful that none of my kids suffer from car sickness. Well, there was that small thing about Mira when she was a baby. She hated the car so much that once she was strapped into her car seat and put in the car she would howl until she threw up and then she would fall asleep. This was pretty gross until I learned to tuck a receiving blanket undre her chin and over everything else to catch the puke.
You live in a beautiful place though! My jaw dropped when I saw the view!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pics I miss the mountains..AB

Anonymous said...

I am BEAUTIFUL!! I want to come live there!!!!