Saturday, April 5, 2008

What's your score?

Considering I was pretty young, and more a "country & western fan" during the '70's I think 60 is not a bad score.

I scored a Dynomite
60% on the
Quiz by SheGoddess: Weight loss tips


Anonymous said...

More of a 50s fan here but I tried it and no sound so I couldn't do it.I did comment on weight watchers tho. How is the flood? I have an old scrub board here with the bar of sunlight sitting on it if you want to come and get it. You could use it down at the River..Love AB

Wendy said...

Thanks for posting that quiz. I was pretty young myself at that time as well. I don't know how I managed to get 65% but I did. It was fun :)

Little Old Liz said...

Buwahahaha! I hit 90%, and I'd have hit 100% if I'd actually listened to more than 10 notes! Like the old gameshow from that era, "Name That Tune." Thanks for pointing it out :)

dawn said...

I did surprisingly well for me who has never been much of a pay attention to artists and songs person, but perhaps I was more back then when my friends talked about it a lot. Oh, I got 70%.