Friday, May 16, 2008

Hummingbirds WOW!

I think there's way more birds this year than last, if that's possible. These pictures were taken between 1 and 3 PM yesterday afternoon.

There's 10 in this photo.

If I leave the window open they are getting used to flying in the house and making their way back out, and I think we're getting used to it too. The odd one I still have to grab or some will gently land on my finger, and I'll walk them over to the window.

The next set of pictures was taken just at dusk yesterday. I count 15 in this picture!

I wonder just how many hummingbirds I'm feeding??
I've uploaded a couple of videos to YouTube. The first one is rather short. It was taken two days ago right at dusk.
If, for some reason, you can't view the video at my blog click here:

The second one is over a period of three days. The end is amazing so if you can hang in, and put up with the noise from the birds for the whole thing, it's quite a treat.
If, for some reason, you can't view the video at my blog click here:


Wendy said...

Great video's! I'd love to take pictures & video's like that. How often do you fill the feeder? They do make a bit of noise don't they? ;)

Sabrina said...

Wow, Kansas. I loved the photos and the video. I need to get my hummingbird feeders back up now. Mine broke last year and I never got new ones. I always love it when I see folks with gobs of hummingbirds at their feeders.

Anonymous said...

This video is simply amazing..You are the first person I have seen who can actually handle thee birds..Bravo...Pat

dawn said...

Wow, that is so cool and you have them so comfortable. They are beautiful birds and there are so many different colours. I love the videos. We don't have the feeders so don't see the hummingbirds here.

Anonymous said...

what is the rooster doing crowing at 1 in the afternoon. ab

Anonymous said...

Amazing!!! Wow! Now I know why we haven't had any at our feeder yet...they are all up there at your house! =) You have such beautiful hummingbirds there - we only have one kind (they are beautiful, too), but I had no idea they came in so many different colors!

I loved hearing your chickens in the background, too. And the rooster - crowing at 1pm in the afternoon! lol! So much for the myth that roosters only crow in the morning! =)

great videos!

jackie said...

So your morning task is pipes, your afternoon task is to fill humming bird feeders, and your evening task is pipes. BUsy busy woman!
That video is amazing! There are so many at one feeder. My in laws have one small feeder at the lake and the birds there are very territorial. There is always one chasing another one away.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

I just love hummingbirds but can't seem to get them to come to my place much (maybe it's all the honeysuckle around here. They are too busy eatting that stuff to come visit me.)

Oh, well at least I get to see yours!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

PaintedPromise said...

awesome! love the pics. hummingbirds were my grandma's favorite and they always remind me of her... she had one she named Rufus that came back every year to her feeder, but there were never this many!