Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fishing 2008

It's that time of year again when we all head for the river to catch sockeye salmon. Grandma and I built a new net last Saturday. Here's Grandma (MIL) sitting on her lawn cutting off the old stuff. It's beyond patching but we still use the lead rope and floats to make the new one.

Our net strung out in the water. Alongside is my BIL's pole net, his is quite a bit smaller with a lot more ropes holding down the pole. Ours is strung out to a line that goes across the eddy.
It works! And don't ya just love my fashionable boots?

Sydney was leading the pack back to the truck. Blue, Teddy, No No, and Yeller.

A different view of the dogs.


No No.


Annie and Jumbo were with us too. And I wonder where all the sand comes from in my vehicle? :)

On the way home we spotted quite a few grouse just hanging about.

Two days ago there was a small black bear right across from us. Hopefully he/she doesn't get any ideas about swimming across and pulling our net!

This morning my nephew Mikey and I pulled our net and there were 16 fish. My BIL's net had three sockeye and one small sturgeon. But, wouldn't ya know it, I left my camera on the table at home!


TadMack said...

Is that a RABBIT helping grandma?! Or Meegie?

What's your fishing limit, or do you guys have one? I've seen people net fish, but in our neck of the woods, guys stood in the water and threw the nets, and then took them back, and it was ocean/bay netting, not river. This looks considerably less cold to do!

DaviMack said...

Nice pictures, and nice to know how it's done!

jackie said...

I love No No's name! It is one that I hadn't heard before. I hope that hubby gets home soon to help with the fishing! And that that bear says on the other side of the river.

Kansas A said...

Hi Tadmack,
That's Annie, Meegie's daughter.
No limit but we do have closures depending on the Fisheries, right now the river is wide open until further notice.

Thanks DaviMack :)

Hey Jackie you should try giving No No heck! I sound like an idiot "NO No No NO!" I've resorted to "BAD No No," way less "No's" :)

Mikey said...

Had to laugh at No No. We have Yo-Yo here :) and Tequila, Samba, Maggie, Dan, Ann, Shady, Lil Ben, and Thelma.
Love these net fishing pics!

Kansas A said...

And I thought we had too many dogs! LOL Too funny Mikey :)

Anonymous said...

What an adventure with all the dogs. My parents have 6 dogs and some of the family dogs (little ones) visit too. Dogs everywhere, but no worry about the coyotes getting the chickens.