Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Start and The End

Woohooooo! School's out! The family room is pretty near done! I have a set of glass doors and a deck out to my garden! And another deck almost out to the pool! What a whirlwind week! The start of many projects and with a few finishing touches everything is almost done.

I'm sitting here catching up with blog posts (currently over 700 in my Google Reader), enjoying a cup of coffee, and up until an hour ago there was peace and quiet. It's haying time and there's a flurry of activity on the ranch right now. Lots of helping hands as my two nieces and one nephew, Alleshia, Jess, and Mikey, are all home. These three know more about the ranch than most adults and they can pretty much run any piece of equipment around. I'm proud of all three of them, and I hope someday Sydney and Jevan know as much as they do about the ranch.

Sydney and Jevan already have toys piled to the ceiling in the new family room and Jevan has started calling it his "toy house." Yesterday Sydney and I moved in the Xbox, Wii, TV's, computer, desk, & dvd player, and last night I was able to watch the news in my own living room for the first time in a long time.

During the last week I drove into Sydney's school a few times, for the play and then the end of the year ceremonies. Sydney was awarded the Citizenship award as well as the Fine Arts award. She was so close to the perfect attendance award and had only missed one day of school. That day was back in February when she woke up not feeling well. She cried her eyes out when I told her that I thought it best she stay home. I hope that dedication carries on right into high school.

On the way in to Lytton we spied a large black bear standing in the middle of the road. By the time I got my camera out the bear had lumbered up the hill. There's lots of wildlife on the road right now and we also saw a coyote and a deer on the way in.

A couple of weeks ago, while driving over to Kamloops, I saw a black bear and a brown bear crossing the road. I thought it a bit unusal that the two were travelling together but I don't know much about bears so maybe that's normal? I did manage to get my camera up but realized I was in movie mode and by the time I switched the setting over the bears had headed down the hill.

Dallas is on her way out to do some of her laundry so I'd best get this posted. Happy Canada Day to all us Canadians!


DaviMack said...

You mean you don't drive with the camera strapped around your neck? C'mon, I need some support in doing this! I've gotten some great pictures while driving. ;)

P.S. Nice little comment box here!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you family room is about done and things are getting back to "normal" - at least a little less hectic.

The bear picture is cool! We haven't had bear in our area in a few years (too much development), but this week we discovered that the doe that is in our backyard has two tiny spotted babies - too precious! They all come out along the edge of the woods and eat from the birdfeeder (well, mommy does - the babies stand around wiggling their darling little tails!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day to you, only a couple weeks late. We don't see bears here, just plenty of deer and coyotes.