Monday, August 11, 2008

Randy Travis: Still handsome after all these years

What a great show! Things didn't start out too well when the cab we called was going to take 20 minutes to get us there, and even then I had to call them again. We missed one performer but came in during Kenny Hess' set. I don't know his songs but he was good. After finding our seats, and finding a photographer sitting in them we settled in. I whipped out my camera and instantly saw "No memory card" on the LCD screen! Ack! Then it dawned on me that it was in my computer back at the motel. Luckily Sydney had asked me if I needed my two other ones, whew THANK YOU Sydney! So quickly digging in my purse I grabbed the first card and happily started snapping pics. When I switched to video mode I got less than two minutes and "Memory card full." What the heck?? I usually run a 4 gig card and this was only a two but it should last longer than that! I scrolled through thinking there may be some old pictures on there that I could delete... nothing. I grabbed the other card and everything was good to go. It didn't last throughout the whole show and I ended up deleting some pictures and reducing videos down to standard resolution so I could get small clips of everything. When I got back to the hotel I popped the cards into my laptop and discovered I had three, yes THREE "Winnie-the-Pooh" movies on the first card! No wonder it was pretty much full. The other card had two kids movies on it.... ever felt like you should never have had children??!! I could have formated the cards but I would have lost all the pics up to that point, avi movie files don't show up in my camera unless they are taken with the camera so deleting individual movies couldn't be done. After seeing the pictures I calmed down, made a mental note to never let the kids put their movies on my camera cards again, and decided that I need to buy another four gig card so I'm never without one. :)

Randy Travis pictures from the show:

Of course being my Father's Daughter I just had to take a pic of Randy's guitar. I was worried that I wasn't allowed to have the camera so I took all the pics with no flash and a very steady Hubby's shoulder :) The closer one zooms in the more "noise" in the picture but I could see he plays a Gibson guitar, my Dad played a Martin but he did have a Gibson too.

The song I most wanted to hear Randy sing was "Three Wooden Crosses" and I wasn't disappointed. If you can't see the video at my blog click here.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures and he has aged a bit(mind we all I feel 80) Glad you had a great time and a well deserved break...How's it feel to be a real MIL?????Pat

Vickie said...

Hey Kansas, It's been a while since I've been able to have an afternoon without one child or another wanting the computer. Are you sitting down? Of course you are! Okay if not please sit down. Randy Travis is my hubby's cousin. They grew up not far from each other. Of course I've never met him that was way before our time together. But I've heard many things about him as a child from family members. Maybe someday he will come back home for a visit. Great pictures! Take Care :)

Kansas A said...

Oh Lord Pat I really am a MIL now aren't I?!

Wow Vickie!!!! Have you mentioned to your Hubby that a family reunion is in order... sis? LOL

Anonymous said...

wOW MUST have been quite a show wish I was there.I Love Randy Travis.ab.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

That's are great pictures. We are Randy Travis fans here too!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! Such grat pics!!! I went to go see him last year here in Phoenix and didn't get any pics but I got to shake his hand. I got pics of Tracy Lawrence in concert though but they are not this good. Great camera.

Kansas A said...

Thanks Teejay,
Right now I have a Canon Powershot SD950 IS, works great :)

Anonymous said...

Kansas what great pictures. I'm hoping to see Randy at Niagara Fall in Dec. I sure hope I get some great photos like yours.

I have a RT website I'd like to invite you all to visit.

Vickie I'd love to hear some of the stories.

Kansas A said...

Hi Anonymous, I checked out your website and it's great stuff! :) Thanks for the invite.