Friday, September 5, 2008

There was crying in the halls

And thank goodness it wasn't from Jevan, nor me :) On Wednesday Jevan started his first day of kindergarten. I felt like crying but this Mama was able to compose herself ;) Okay I'll admit that I shed a few tears in the truck while I was driving home, but I didn't lose it at the school!

Here's some highlights from the day:
Lunch with a thermos full of hot soup.

We were about 15 minutes late getting into the school because just as I pulled into the parking lot Jevan went for his bucket. As I've blogged before, he gets car sick and I couldn't really give him gravol because I didn't want him sleeping through his first day. When we came in he was immediately hustled off to an assembly. At the beginning of every week the kids all gather in the gym and sing "Oh Canada." I was shocked to see how low enrollment has dropped this year. There are 60 kids in the whole school, four classes, and that's it! Jevan is in a split class; kindergarten/grade 1 and Sydney is in grade 4/5, next year she'll be in grade 6 and that class is the only one that isn't split.

After recess Jevan puts his coat into his locker. And would you look at that, already a girl is talking to him! "Hey Missy there's room for only one woman in Jevan's life right now and that's his Mama!!" Oh Lordy what am I going to do when he hits high school!??

As I was standing in the back I saw Jevan tapping his teacher telling her he was still hungry and asking when was lunch? This was right after recess! She explained that when he went to daycare at noon he would eat there. I don't think he was happy with the answer, mind you the teacher didn't know that he had thrown up his breakfast. I was able to enroll Jevan in daycare until Friday, and come Monday he'll start full days at school, this saves me having to drive in and pick him up at noon. For a mere three days of daycare the paperwork I had to fill out was insane but thank goodness they had room for him. It's great that the daycare is located downstairs in the school, so they just go up and take all the kids down there when it's time.

After all the kids gathered in a circle Jevan wasn't quite sure what was going on. He had missed the "this is what we do speech" when we were sitting in the truck earlier.

When school was over I had a little talk with him about "tapping" his teacher after seeing him doing it numerous times. He doesn't do this at home and will usually say "excuse me" a million times (we're working on the "waiting part").

He finally found a place and settled in... and I was able to say goodbye and head for home :)

Jevan rode the bus home and was fine. No throwing up, thank goodness. He's usually pretty good in the afternoon so Thursday morning was the big test. He did great! With no confining seatbelts, and able to move around a lot more, I think he'll be fine... now if he would just quit eating his lunch in the morning... :)


DaviMack said...

So - he only gets carsick in the morning? Or is it when he's tired, only?

Perhaps a snack for right when he gets to school?

Kansas A said...

Hi David, he's gotten carsick later in the day but not near as often as the mornings. I thought it may be because he falls asleep as it's usually late when we travel home from anywhere. But I started to notice that even in the late afternoons he was a lot better. Maybe, fingers crossed, he's starting to outgrow it like his sister did, too bad I can't say the same for me :)
A snack is a good idea but I think with the openness of the bus and no constricting seatbelt he'll do okay.

Oma said...

It is hard to watch them grow and leave the nest.

Anonymous said...

Makes me think of my youngest one's first day you know who.He talked a blue streak and I thought he is gonna do just fine here and fit in so well as he was acting like a little big man and then I was leaving to go home and he just freaked out when he saw me leaving. Hard to believe now eh!ab

She dragon said...

if he looks out of the window,he wont feel so sick. It can be because of travelling forwards but looking down which confuses your brain. We got travel bands for my son. They are a little elasticated strap for each wrist which has a button that presses on the inside of your wrist. They do work,I used them for morning sickness.

Kansas A said...

Hi She dragon,
Call it overkill but I've had static straps on my vehicle, a gravol pill in him, and the motion bands around both wrists, all at the same time... he threw up... sigh. I have a set of travel bands for myself and they do work pretty good for me, just not for Jevan.
Hopefully he outgrows it, but for now he's okay on the bus, just not in a normal vehicle.

TadMack said...

His wee meal looks so balanced, too.

Anonymous said...

Glad his first day went well despite the upset at the beginning. It is wonderful about the daycare being in the school and picking him up and that you could get him in.