Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Random, Random...

Thanksgiving has come and gone. We ate turkey, pies, fixin's, and probably a lot more than we should have. The last of the soup is still in the fridge but I highly doubt anyone will eat it even though it is absolutely delish (my Mom made it while she was here), as turkey is far from the top of the list, well until Christmas anyway :) We had Dallas and Duane out so it was just the six of us for dinner. Our usual tradition just before eating dinner is for everyone to say what they are thankful for. I had to laugh when Sydney said that she was "thankful for all the food, and really thankful she has a Mama who knows how to cook it."

My Mom and Robert came up just shortly after Thanksgiving, spending a couple of nights before heading off to Sicamous for a night, and then back here again. While they were gone I revamped my Mom's computer, oooo it was (cough, cough) bad! Although Robert's was so bad that I scrapped it and gave him an old one I had kickin' around, he's happy :) Both of their computers are now backed up to my server and if they have any problems they can hustle up here and I can revert back to today. (Gotta love the server!)

In between my last post and this one we've had a ton of company. Rob, Dan, and their son Donald spend a few nights, old friends from forever ago, and during their stay two new buddies from Hubby's work showed up and spent a night. Thank goodness Rob and Dan had their trailer with them because the other two guys slept on our couches and when I went to bed the taller of the two was on the loveseat with his legs dangling over the end! Hubby has since brought our motorhome around and Mom and Robert were able to sleep in there when they were here. Today my brother's ex and my nephew are supposed to be showing up.

The two work buddies were here for hunting but didn't see a thing. Not too long after they left Hubby got a deer. Him and I cut it up in the house and I have a bunch of stew meat, steaks, and a roast in the freezer. I smoked some but I really should have hosed out the old fridge I use for a smoker because it gets pretty black and the meat isn't as good as it should be. It's okay but not great. Last night my outside freezer, where I keep all our salmon, conked out so Dallas is sending out her extra freezer today. My "extra, extra" freezer is up in Ft. St. John with my brother but he'll be back here in a month or so and I don't really want to buy a new one when Frank is going to be here soon.

Pat, a friend from Cache Creek, called the other night and told me that Jevan was on the school district homepage. The page is no longer up but I did save the picture.

A musician travels to different schools with a ton of drums and the kids get to play them. He teaches them all kinds of things and it looks like Jevan had a blast. Sydney said every kid in the school gets to play, I'm glad I wasn't at the school that day, the noise must have been incredible!

For the last two nights we've all been a bit sleep deprived around here. The big truck showed up yesterday to take all the baby cows for auction and their Mama's are none too happy. The first night is the worst because the calves are all on one side of the fence while waiting for the truck to arrive in the morning, and their Mama's are bellowing on the other. The Mama's are settling down now but it's quite understandable how they feel and it usually takes about 3-4 nights before things are quiet on the ranch again.

Today I have to be in Lytton at 2 for parent/teacher day and tomorrow I'm off to Kamloops. Jevan needs pants, shoes, & socks, and we always need groceries. Dallas and I are taking off early in the morning but we have to be back here before six tomorrow night because Dal has a prenatal meeting. Today and tomorrow both kids have early dismissals, and then both have Thursday and Friday off but I have to be in Lillooet for Jevan's doctors appointment on Thursday. Hubby might heading off to work next week and I think I will be enjoying a "do absolutely nothing, have no company, kids in school" week!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news loveya ab

DaviMack said...

Awesome picture of Jevan on the drums!

Now, here's a strange one for you (considering it's me asking, that is): I'm looking for a terrabyte drive, preferably one which would hook to my router via either USB, ethernet, or wirelessly (I'd prefer wireless or ethernet to USB). Do you have any ideas? I'm fast running out of space, because I'm saving raw images from the camera, so each shot takes 10mb.

jackie said...

We ate turkey too (no soup yet, that is what the freezer is for..as in stock is in the freezer waiting clod winter days).
My boys had an opportunity to play drums at their school last year. The vice principal is a music major and really overhauled the music program. The school was able to purchase about 30 drums and the kids all get a chance to play. They played at their "promotion cerimony" last year and it was great!

you sound like you hav ebeen very busy with visitors! Hotel Kansas perhaps? I'll bet you draw the line at mints on the pillow though ;-)

dawn said...

We had lots of turkey too. I love turkey. We just got a third freezer to put more meat in. I need to wash it out and make sure it works before we butcher the turkeys.

That is cool about the drums. If you could send the website that would be great. Our kids are in a thing called Big Drum (http://www.bigdrummusic.com/index.htm) and they start our and continue through the year to use those drums and they also use other percussion instruments. Our kids have been in 10, 9, 8 and 6 years. They go into schools at the end of the year and do concerts and some of the students come up to play instruments.

Oma said...

Jevan looks like he had a blast. His hands are moving prety fast.
Love Ya!