Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Make your vote count!

Another quick message today...
Denise, over at KWON (knitting without needles) needs some major clicks on her VOTE button!

This is one busy lady, she has a gaggle of kids, homeschools, and finds time to loom & knit, and helps others too! Where the heck she finds the time (or energy) is beyond me??

I get over a hundred visitors per day so I figure if ya'll go hit her VOTE button it will help her win :) Win what, you ask? She will win a Wii! And believe me it will give her more time to do more of what she does without interruptions from her gaggle ;)

Click here: VOTE for Denise!


Sorka said...

AWh I am smiling ear to ear!!!Thanks!! And thanks to any of your visitors that vote for me!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope I voted. not sure ab