Sunday, November 16, 2008

My, how things change

You all remember awhile ago how I was cursing iTunes?  How I said "brain surgery" would be easier?  Well, well... how things have changed!  I had bought an iPod touch quite sometime ago and that's when I really had to start using iTunes.  I don't know why Apple doesn't just allow you to drag & drop files but for some reason they don't.  Anyhoo, I, of course, was one who "jailbroke" my touch, I mean it really didn't have a whole lot you could do with it unless it was jailbroken.  Apple put very little programs on it, and after a week one gets terribly bored, well I do anyway :)  I'm a "gadget" girl, I like to see and add as many things as I can get my hands on when it comes to "gadgets." I had the "Aqwoah Battery" icons, and the "Amaze!" labyrinth game, along with a ton of other apps, I had played with it until I couldn't play with it anymore... or so I thought.

For the most part, and the novelty was starting to wear down, I used my iPod when I went to town and didn't want to pack my laptop.  It's great for when you're sitting in the truck waiting, you can always "play" with your iPod, and it's not just for music anymore :)

Then I heard about the new 2.0 version Apple was selling, (yes selling!) for the touch.  I was a bit disappointed with that, as my iPod is less than six months old, and it really should be a free upgrade, or at least a discount.  Even though it's only 10 bucks I held off buying it, it was just a matter of principal.  But now it's at version 2.1, and the apps store was sounding pretty interesting...  The pressure was really building for me, especially since I just took an old modded Xbox and turned it into our home theatre system and Xbox Media center remote is offered on the iPod touch.... yes the excuses were getting long for why I should upgrade.

Yesterday I broke down and formatted my iPod, paid for and installed version 2.1, and now I can't stay out of the apps store!!  Even the freebies apps are great!  There's apps for everyone out there, from knitters (StitchMinder) to bowlers (Flick Bowling), I'm so impressed... well at least for a little while anyway ;)


TadMack said...

Bwa-ahhhaha! The iPod finally got you!

You keep inspiring D. to these gadget heights -- he's always been one for fiddling with his computer, but now you've got him taking apart everything else, it's hilarious.

Kansas A said...

Yes tadmack I'm shamelessly becoming an addict to my iPod :)
I hope whatever D. takes apart he puts back together with no leftovers, the last time I took apart my old laptop I put back a screw I had saved for months! LOL

Anonymous said...

Keep learning Kans..Ab

dawn said...

The whole thing makes me shiver. On the other hand my daughter Z was smiling as I read this to her. I am sure she would fit in with you and your daughter very well with all the technical stuff.

Rhiannon said...

Stitch Minder! I'll have to look into that!