Monday, December 29, 2008

All over...

The tree is down, the floor is swept, and the sparse decorations we had up are put away.  Sad?  No way!  There's always a big build up to Christmas but I'm just as happy to have everything put away and waiting for next year.  After over forty Christmas' one gets a bit tired of it all, but with two young ones I keep going :)  I swear when my last one flies the coop Hubby and I are going to book a trip to Mexico or somewhere hot and enjoy a snowless Christmas.  On the 27th we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary at Grandma & Pop's with an excellent steak dinner that my BIL, Doug, cooked.  I have to say he is a fabulous cook!

We've been pretty lucky with the small amount of snow we have, unlike other places around BC.  But I think our luck has run out because it started snowing pretty heavy today and it's still coming down out there.  I had to take a quick run south yesterday and I was surprised at the huge amount of snow the farther south I got.  There had been a major accident the night before last when a semi crashed through a bridge ending up on his side in the river, luckily the driver was able to sit on his truck and call for help using a cell phone.  He walked away with only a broken arm but his truck was submerged in the river, laying on it's side, up to the mirror!  This added an extra hour onto my trip and when I got home last night the snow just an hour south of the ranch was really coming down, made for some pretty scary driving!  I have to return in a week or so and I'm praying the weather is better than it was last night.

So what did ya'll get, and give, for Christmas this year?  Leave me a comment especially if you're male or you bought a gift for a male, because I need ideas for Hubby for next year.  Once again we picked out our own gifts because both of us don't know what the other one needs/wants, it's been this way for years but every once in awhile I surprise him with a little something, this year I was stumped.  I think the best present I gave him, which was a few years ago, was his Starbucks cup, he loves it and he's been through a few now.  This year, for myself, I chose a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi 12.2MP DSLR Camera and Hubby chose a MIG welder.  My present is on the way via Canada Post, his I will pick up in Kamloops the next time I'm there.


Anonymous said...

Ive been trying to get you onthe phone.Your mind will change about going south for christmas when the kids are all gone. because the grandkids will be there. You sound just like me. Iremember saying the exact same thing when my kids were grown up and gone I was going south. but the grand kids came along and everything changed. Happy new year to all of you Love you lots Auntie Bonnie

Isela said...

hmm, well I buy stuff for hubby but it is no way in the thread of a tig welder. I got him a pull up bar :). His dream though is to get a cnc lathe...I don't think I'll ever have enough $ for that gift though.

Enjoy your new camera :)

DaviMack said...

Dear Kansas' Hubby,

Please know that, with her new camera, she'll probably want: a battery pack / shutter release, a remote shutter release, wireless remote, and a carry bag.

As for us ... well, we each got new keyboards & mice (Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000), I got a 1TB USB Buffalo DriveStation, and T. got a 320GB FreeAgent|GO portable drive.

dawn said...

I heard about that accident.

We don't do gifts so it is pretty simple around here. Avon has some team items so one lady bought her husband a team floor mat and a team popcorn bowl. If your hubby isn't into sports that won't help much.

Happy Anniversary and safe travel when you go back south.