Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Growing Chicks

Yesterday I snapped some pics of the growing chicks. Mama is in the back and "Nanny" is in the front. Nanny started helping out quite awhile ago and gets very defensive if any other hen, or dog, gets too close to the chicks. Mama's "underbody" was quickly outgrowing her space for chicks so I think it's great that Nanny snuggles up in the nursery each night.

One poor little chick hasn't got much for feathers yet and you can see him/her poking out from Nanny's wing. How this little ragamuffin stays warm during the day is a mystery but he/she seems to be doing great. Nanny has never had her own chicks and I think it odd that she has
somewhat adopted these chicks, but Mama doesn't seem to mind and is probably grateful for the help :)

"Skinny," one of the new hens, seems to be adjusting although is still a bit skiddish at times. From the way they act I'm sure the new hens we got in September must have been kept in cages before we got them.

Here's another one that has really warmed up, and will even jump up to eat food out of my hand. Such a change from the first few days when they would cower if you got close to them.

I'm off to the airport tomorrow, Hubby's been home for a week and he's scheduled to head back to the Charlotte's tomorrow. He's filled the porch with wood, cleaned the chimney, re-routed all my router/xbox/satellite cords (there was no way I was crawling under the house!), and put winter tires on the truck. My "honey-do" list is pretty much done so I guess it's time to let him go ;) He probably won't be out again until almost Christmas so finger's crossed nothing happens when he's gone!
If you're a regular blog reader you'll notice the new banner. For the life of me I can't figure out how to get the placement the same in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you are using IE it's in the center, but if you are using FF it's on the left. I personally use Firefox for 99.9% of my browsing and don't mind seeing the banner to the left. What do you all think? What browser are you using?


TadMack said...

Firefox has it to the left, and it looks fine -- the picture is adorable. You can always adjust the type so it looks like you meant for it to be that way!!

Jim S said...

Looks like you've got a Rhode Island Red and some Barred Rocks!

Anonymous said...

I see the banner on the top and also see it is a new one.Very nice too. could have had dinner in a pumpkin so I hope the chickens enjoyed their pumpkin. ab

DaviMack said...

Firefox sees it on the left, that's certain. I don't know, either, why it's that way - I can't seem to get my pictures to align center on posts, either, so I've just had to live with it.

With our Hobbits Abroad banner I just made it wide enough to go far beyond any browser's width (I think it's something like 3,000 pixels wide). That way, sure, you only ever get to see the left-hand side of the picture ... but it also just looks OK on whichever browser. :)