Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Psst, can ya spare some feathers?

On this day the temperature has warmed to a balmy -16 degrees Celsius.  I head for the coop to let the chickens out and, along with all the other chickens, the chicks come screaming to the door.  Within an hour most are back but some of the older birds brave the cold to soak up the sun.

Even some of the bravest chicks enjoy the sun for a bit.

Yes I have to say the chicks are growing well and have filled out nicely...

Well... all except one.  GASP!

Brrrr just looking at him makes me cold, and if it gets much colder I guess I'll have to bring him in the house.  How the dickens are you supposed to tell when a chicken is cold?  I did pick him up and shoo him back to the coop, and his body was really warm so he must be generating a bit of heat.  He's eating and drinking and doesn't seem too affected by the coldness so I'm going to leave him for now.  I'm calling him a "he" because with those long legs and long neck he sure does look like a rooster, time will tell I guess.

Oh by the way, I call him "Feathers."  Maybe if he hears it enough he'll grow some!


Oma said...

No wonder I don't eat chicken skin.:) I do think you should knit him a sweater.

Love ya!

DaviMack said...

Scary, that you're actually warmer than San Francisco today! We have friends telling us that we should pack our Glasgow clothing. Sigh.

Glad you're warming up!

NEO said...

Ew that one looks nasty. Dinner?

jackie said...

Poor little bald chick. Is he the same age as the other ones? Have you ever seen one like this before?

Anonymous said...

Hope it isn't contagious for the other chickens. They even have snow in vegas.ab