Friday, January 23, 2009

Another dog, oh no!

Well I didn't think I'd be typing the above title for a loooong while.  You see, I have many dogs now, I can't quite put a whole number on how many because I also have "part-time" dogs.  For instance Teddy is our dog, Grandma gave him to us when he started spending a lot of time over here, but, on occasion, he still travels between our house and Grandma's house.  Then there's Meegie who turned 14 on January 2nd, Annie (Meegie's daughter) who will be 13 on May 5th, Blue will be 4 on May 26th, and Jumbo I have no idea how old he is.  Those are the dogs I can actually say are truly mine :)

But it's not uncommon to walk down my hallway and find seven dogs around our woodstove: Meegie, Annie, Jumbo, (Chihuahuas) Blue, No No (Heelers) Teddy, (Black Lab) and Yeller (Yellow Lab).  Whenever Mikey, my nephew, comes over he usually has Jess' dog Sadie (Heeler) with him, but she only visits until Mikey leaves.  Do you think I need another dog?  Can my vacuum cleaner handle another dog?  Can I apply for a government grant for dogfood? ;)

Meet Doolittle:

He's real friendly, real sweet, real quiet... and he has no home.  Oh he did, he had a great home, he belonged to Bert... and how can I turn him away?  Sydney has already taken a liking to him.

The only problem is he isn't fixed... and neither is our heeler, Blue.  So what's a person supposed to do?

Living on a ranch with Pops a decision can be made quite quickly!  He came over this afternoon, along with Grandma and Mikey, and we neutered both dogs.  The surgeries went well and in the picture Doolittle is still a bit dopey from the medication.  Blue is a lot more perkier after his surgery and I'm sure the two of them will be up and bouncing around tomorrow, let's hope they become fast friends (fingers crossed).


Anonymous said...

He is a beautiful looking dog. I know it is so hard to turn a dog down especially since you know his owner just died. Who else would give this guy such a loving home. I am glad he is with you for now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kansas,

He looks so sad,but as you say he is still a little dopey....You think he misses his master???? He looks like a beautiful dog, and he now has a good home with you and the rest of the crew.....takecare Pat

Mikey said...

Awww, bless you for taking him in. He looks like a sweetheart. What a great name too!
Hey, if you find a grant for dog food, sign me up too, ok?

TadMack said...

Pops is just awesome. I want to be him when I grow up. In girl form, of course.

You are kindness itself, I'm sure Bert would be so relieved...

Kansas A said...

Pat: I think he misses Bert something terrible, and he's totally out of his element with all the other dogs, and the kids too.

Hey Mikey I'll let you know for sure ;)

Me too TadMack! :)

Oma said...

We know Sydney is a softy for all animals.

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

So sad he misses Bert He will fit in just fine...ab

Anonymous said...

He certainly will be loved here.