Monday, January 19, 2009

Colour at the end of the day

Today was the first day in a long time that I had some time to just stroll around the ranch all by myself. Here's some random shots of everything from the graveyard field to the top of the driveway across the road.

A bald eagle sitting in a tree down by the graveyard. I didn't get too close before the dogs scared him off so this picture is quite zoomed and cropped.

The ranch across the river from us.

As always, my faithful partner Blue.

He will follow me anywhere...

...even when I don't want him to ;)

Yeller and Sadie were with me for awhile.

Teddy was with me today as well, but I didn't get any decent pics of him so I'm throwing one up that I took on Sunday. Teddy will find a mouse anywhere! He'll get his nose into the hay and dig until he pries it up with just the tip of his teeth, crazy dog.

I took this picture the other day and it's currently my desktop wallpaper.
If you'd like it for your desktop click here for a larger version, I'd love if you left me a comment letting me know :)

A close-up of the two eagles in the above picture:

One of them got a bit fluffed up when he saw the big dogs, thank goodness it wasn't one of my chihuahuas!

Looking through the trees down to the river.

We've had a few sheep hanging around the top of the driveway but today they were across the road and up the hill a bit. They blend in so well with the landscape sometimes it's hard to spot them.

After taking pictures for a few hours, Pops dropped in to let me know that the first calf of the season was born today.
Hubby helping the little heifer to her feet.

She's up! We figure she's probably around four hours old because she's quite dry and has been well licked off by her Mama.

Mama quite concerned and steps in for a close-up.

I came in the house and started to look at some of the pictures I took today. Don't you sometimes find that landscape photos are a bit dreary looking, especially in the winter without much sunshine? So I grabbed a pink rose that was given to me, held it up to the window, and snapped some colour into my day :)


Anonymous said...


Glad to see you finally had some time to yourself...Love the picture of Johnny helping the calf up....Takecare Pat

Oma said...

Great pictures. I have the eagles on my desktop. Thank you they are great.

Love Ya!

DaviMack said...

I'm really liking the pictures!

If the colors seem a bit too dreary, try saturating them (I leave mine saturated to 150% all the time). If they're still too dreary ... make them monochrome (with your software), and then sepia. Works a treat, and then they just look ... antique. ;)

Michelle said...

You take great pictures! The scenery is lovely and that Bald Eagle is fantastic. What gorgeous place to live.

chris said...

Loved the mountain side all grey and white with the tree beside in the foreground.
Dear old blue,what a lovely dog,
and that little calf with its sturdy legs.

Dallas said...

Great Pictures, mom.

Gabrielle said...

wow your pictures are just fantastic, really really awesome, I love the Egales they are great.

Kansas A said...

Thanks Gabrielle :) The eagles have slowed down a bit but with calving season just starting they will be back!

Anonymous said...

baby calf looks just like mamaa ab