Thursday, January 15, 2009

Foggy Day

I was surprised at how long the fog hung around yesterday.  We often have fog early in the morning but this fog stayed all day and into the night.  I was out and about trying to get some pictures of the cows in the horse pasture but I wasn't having much luck.

This gal was straining to look at me the way I was looking at her.
(But I'm not quite as wide as she is... really I'm not!... and if my twin brother is reading he'd best keep his trap shut.)

Things weren't working out so good; I looked at them, they looked at me... and then they ran off into the fog.
"C'mon back girls don't be camera shy!"

Well that didn't work.

They ran right...

They ran left...

And then they pretty much ran out of sight.

But Sydney to the rescue!  (I wish she'd comb her hair before she comes and finds me, and Lordy does she need her bangs cut!)

She's gonna find them cows and bring 'em back to Mama...  (It's a wonder she can see at all with those bangs in her face.)

But the fog is too thick, and I almost lose her too.  "SYDNEY!"

She gives up... and we find something else to do.

Here she's giving me one of those "are we done yet Mama?" looks.

You know that store bought playground equipment?  Well, we have none, instead we have gates.

Now she's giving me her "see Mama, isn't this better?" look.

But I bet the kids at the playground don't see this lovely shade of green on their shoes when they're done ;)
Hmmm wonder what she's thinking here? tee hee :)


Anonymous said...

Loving the pictures.

Oma said...

I made yellow split pea soup for supper last nite. I wonder what made me think of that when I look at these pictures. :)
The soup was delicious but this fog is really something else. It just seems to be everywhere.

Love Ya!

Gabrielle said...

I just stared reading your blog today, I came across it looking for a recipe. I lived in Canada for 27 years in Edmonton for a couple and then we moved to the okanagan valley for 24. I am now back in New Zeland with my Canadian husband.....anyway I love all your pictures they are great......I gew up on a sheep and catle farm so have no problem with killing and eating your own tasts so much better from the farm than from the bucher. We are lucky my brother brings us farm fresh meat all the time.
I look forward to reading more of your blog.

DaviMack said...

Agreed - definitely loving the pictures.

I'm thinking that you ought to consider putting them together into something more formal - like a coffee-table book. What do you think? I think that Canada has an Arts Council, similar to that in the UK, and that they'd probably cut you a nice, fat check for it. ;)

jackie said...

Where is all your snow?
The first thing when I saw the word "fog" was think "brrr" When it is foggy here in the winter, it just about burns the hairs out of your nostrils! Apparently you are having a warm spell? Or are you all done with winter?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking Oma was seeing under Sydneys shoe It is the same color as the soup.No more of that soup. Sydney needs to tie her laces... ab