Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Top of the World

Hubby took me for a drive yesterday and I swear it was to the top of the world. On the drive up I was scared, I mean reeeeealy scared! All I kept thinking was "what's the drive down going to feel like?"

A very high shot of the ranch.

Zoomed in you can see a lot more of the buildings. To the left, the long white building, is our house.

We took the very steep powerline road which is still a bit snowy and icy in patches (hence the fear), but the view was great tho'. This was looking away from the ranch up Fountain Valley.

The power poles aren't small and Hubby told me he'd hold my camera if I'd climb to the top... ummm no.

I snapped a pic of them on the way up.

While we were up there I spotted the bus turning into our driveway, but it's highly unlikely Sydney & Jevan saw me waving. The power pole in the picture below is the same pole in the above picture at the right.

To the right of us it seemed as if you could reach out and touch the mountains.

This isn't a very clear picture but I just wanted to show the distance between this pic and the next one.

Zoomed in.

The clouds kept reaching up to the last bit of sun in the sky.

Looking towards Lytton, south of the ranch.

While I was snapping away with my camera, Hubby was throwing a stick for Blue, who was happily jumping anywhere to fetch it.

After a few more pictures (you don't even want to know how many I took) we headed for home... but we took a different route, a much flatter one thank heavens. I jumped out at the creek and snapped a few more pictures.

It was a beautiful view and a nice outing but I think I'll wait for summer to travel the road again :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! These pictures are breathtaking!

Oma said...

If I didn't know better I would think you flew over the ranch for these pictures. They look like aerial photos some of them. You certainly did drive high up the mountains and in to God's country for these shots. Great to look at. I bet it was cold and crisp up there. Great Pictures. Nice catching the School bus turning in to the driveway there.

Love ya!

DaviMack said...

Truly awesome pictures - you live in a fabulously beautiful place!

Mikey said...

Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for giving us the bird's eye view, it really is spectacular!!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Kansas It is something undescribable. Pictures show the real beauty...ab
hey great job on the shots...

jackie said...

OMG! So stunning!

LDF said...

Great photos! I miss the mountains.