Sunday, February 8, 2009

A kid & his bike

Do y'all remember what it was like trying to ride your first bike? It was hard! You thought you'd never figure it out. Sydney gives Jevan some pointers and holds him up.

We start out with a smile.

He struggles with the pedals and most likely is thinking "Where's the pavement?"

You can almost hear him groan and push those pedals.

He leans left.

He leans right.

He thinks "Is this all worth it?"

My poor little man gave up, yup he pushed his bike back into the shop and said he would "try another day Mama." I can't say that I blame him, the driveway is covered in mud & rocks and it's hard to pedal... when Hubby gets home I'm informing him that our next paycheque goes for a dump truck full of pavement!


Oma said...

I think he did great and yes it is hard to ride on that stuff. He has a beautiful smile and started of with "great gusto" he'll be riding in no time. But a big yes to the pavement. It would cut down some of the dust and the kids could bounce a ball and throw some hoops.
Great idea Kansas!

Love Ya!

DaviMack said...

So long as he's got the peddling downhill OK, he'll learn, at least, and if you deflate the tires a little bit, it'll be a smoother ride.

You have some perfectly good, steep hills 'round there, don't you? ;)

Little Ol' Liz said...

Your Jevan has the most precious face! The look of sheer will and determination...whatt'a boy!

Kisses for Big Sis handing out the pointers. Nothing like a little been there-done that to quiet sibling brushups. :-)

dawn said...

Pavement is much easier to learn on. It seems to be one of those huge struggles in life.

chris said...

if you take out the pedals he can learn to balance on two wheels,especially if he can go down hills,pedals get in the way if you need to put your feet down adn hit your legs, then put the pedals back in when he can balance without them and it will be easy peasy

jackie said...

Nicole still hasn't mastered the whole bike thing. And while our driveway is dirt like yours, we have a lovely large parking lot across the street that we use in evenings and weekend in the summer to teach the kids to ride. At least his reaction was "I'll try again later" instead of Nicole's, which is "I'll NEVER be able to do it!" Accompanied by tears and whining.

Anonymous said...

He is not quite ready yet.He will ride when he is ready.ab