Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random Post

It's time for one of those random posts that I so like.  Where you can just blab on about anything...

I took a quick trip to town this morning.  I have to time things just right because the Big Slide is currently being worked on (another bandaid) and it's only open before 9:00 AM, between noon and 1:00, and after 4:00 PM, five days a week.  I had an appointment at 10:20 so was able to squeeze a quick visit in with Dally and a quick run to the grocery store before the slide closed after lunch.

On the way home I stopped after going through the Big Slide.  I wanted pics of the crew working but it was pretty unsafe to park anywhere so I drove through and parked on the other side.  I couldn't see any of the crew and ended up just snapping some pics of the river.  This is looking towards Lillooet, on the right side you can see the road I just travelled to get here.

On the way in there was a few sheep at the bottom of 9 Mile Hill.  When I first pulled up they were in the middle of the road licking the salt, there was no one behind me so I was able to hang around for 10 minutes or so snapping pics.  As I inched closer to them they took off up the hill.

This one looks like it must be about a year old, a real cutey.

This one is a bit older and it's missing one of it's horns.

I think he was getting bored with me and started nodding off.

When you turn off Highway 12 (the road I live on) the first thing you see when heading into town is the mountains.  The building in the picture is the Forestry Office, although I think it's closed up due to government cutbacks but I'm not sure.

Dallas had totally forgot that I was coming to town and hadn't had a shower yet so I went up to her place instead of meeting at a restaurant.

No visit to town would be complete if I didn't see my precious granddaughter Lexi.  Dallas took her to the doc regarding her birthmark (although I do not remember this mark when she was born!) we're hoping it doesn't get any bigger or she will have to have it removed when she's older.  It's cosmetic so the doctor said Dallas would have to pay for the removal, I think that's crazy, our medical services plan should pay for something like that!!

Oh one last photo, I almost forgot.  Here's Dal's cat Shady.  She is the most vicious cat I've ever run into... well she's good with Dal but man alive this cat does not like strangers, or dogs, or bears,... or... anyone except Dal. :)  Okay I admit I'm not a cat person but doesn't this thing look mean?

Look at the whiskers!  Maybe the longer the whiskers the meaner the cat (our cat Billy has short whiskers and is pretty friendly).


Anonymous said...

Kansas.....Fantastic pictures, I love the pictures of the mountains. Lexi is getting so BIG!!!!

Mikey said...

Ahhh, such great pictures. What a blessing to live in such a wild beautiful place.
Dally is gorgeous, only exceeded by Lexi. What a beautiful baby! No wonder you like to go to town :)

Anonymous said...

I want that first pic elarged and hanging on my wall. Jennifer had a strawberry birth mark too and it disapeared when she got older..ab

Oma said...

Beautiful pictures!! I like the one that looks like one sheep with eight legs.:) The picture of the Fraser looks so blue, I have never seen it so pretty. The mountains are so rugged and so many, I love them all and miss them.

Love Ya!

dawn said...

The cat looks like Eloise when she is annoyed, and even when she isn't; I think it is the long fur.

My sister had a raspberry (that's what we called it) on her shoulder. It is a hema....something or other. Anyway, she had it all her life and as an adult had it removed, but I think that was because it got bigger. My one friends daughter had one on her liver, the size of a fist so when she was a baby they had to be very careful to not rupture it. She is 9 now and all is well. At least it is close to her hair line so it won't be too bad, and with that cute face who will really care anyway.

Anonymous said...

Keep that vicious looking cat away from sexy Lexy ab

jackie said...

That IS on nasty looking cat!
One of the mothers at the bus stop has a 10 month old daughter that has a birthmark on her nose that looks like that except that it is rather large. She said that her older daughter had one on her back and it grew quite large and then started to shrink and was totally gone by the time that she was 5. The plastic surgeon said that her younger daughter would have the same sort of surgery free recovery. It just take time.

You really do have some pretty scenery out your way!

Anonymous said...

My daughter had a birth mark just like that, and it didn't show until she was two weeks old. Our doctor told us that could grow for up to a year and then it would be gone by the time she started school. Well that is exactly what happened. She is 8 now and you have to look very carefully to even find where it was. No worries!
I love the fact that she had it! Now I can tell who is who in the baby pics!