Monday, February 23, 2009

You've got to be kiddin' me?

Yesterday Sydney and I were out on the field snapping pics for the photography course I'm taking.  The sun was shining, it was somewhat warm, and we were all enjoying the nice weather.

Even the dogs were getting in on the action.  This bird, not sure if it's a crow or a raven, was frolicking with the dogs.  Even though it wanted to play, Annie put the run on it pretty fast :)

Then I get up this morning.  Do not adjust your monitor, do not wipe your screen, can you believe this??  That's snow!  And it's coming down heavy.

Everything is a covered in a blanket of white, and when it's going to quit is a mystery.  You all realize this is probably coming from New Brunswick, right Jackie ? ;)


DaviMack said...

Oh, no! I'll be that this means the snow is coming back to us, too. It's apparently snowing in Chicago, too. Sigh.

Oma said...

Love your pictures but you can keep that white stuff up there. We are into spring here.:) Wishful thinking.
I would have been terrified that crow or raven would have attacked my Taco. Little Annie is pretty brave.

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

We had the snow over here too Kansas,and I thought Spring was on it's way. I can't believe how long Sydney's hair is...It looks good on her..Pat

Anonymous said...

Are you learnign trick photography? Great job how you got the snow... tHAT RAVEN DOES not look very nice. Iwatched a movie the other night. The ravens ate the cows after they died of mad cow disease. Do not like ravens at all any more ab.

jackie said...

Heehee! Actually, I'll trade my snow for your snow! What do you say?

dawn said...

We got that same snow front come through here. It will be nice for skiing if it doesn't melt this week with the lovely warmer temperatures.