Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just a Swingin'

After the chocolate was eaten and the eggs were found Hubby decided to prune the willows in our yard.

The willows have been overgrown for awhile and we are losing a lot of grass, it's was time to go :) Hubby's idea of pruning is using the chainsaw. He doesn't care what time of year it is, April a good time to prune? I have no idea, but there's lots more sunlight on our lawn now.

Even Billy was fascinated and quickly ran up a tree for a closer look.

Sydney was dragging her bottom lip and was pretty much in tears when she saw what Hubby had done to the trees. She whined about not being able to climb them anymore and things got worse when she had to help pack limbs to the road.

Jevan was happy to help. (Ignore the Easter sticker on his arm, and I'm glad you can't see his badly ripped pants).

I suggested to Hubby that maybe we could hang a tire in one of the trees. Well you would have thought that I told Sydney we could do Easter all over again! She quickly helped her Daddy grab a tire & some rope, and scrambled up a tree.

She waited patiently for Hubby to attach the tire, a wee smile back on her face.

First try on the tire.

Not quite sure about getting on!

She runs to get Jevan.

And Jevan isn't scared of anything... :)


Anonymous said...

happy Easter to all ab

Little Ol' Liz said...

I like how your Husband labels tires for "repurposing."

That man does nothing on the small side, does he?!

tanita davis said...

Hee! Yeah, Hubby there and my Dad have that chainsaw thing in common. It's like they wake up and think, "Oh, what can I chop today?" and away they go, who cares what time of year. And apparently the trees don't really get too ticked off; ours always got over it when I was growing up.

And now both kids can enjoy the swing and no one gets, um, stuck up there. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like they enjoyed the day after all the work they did. Love the gloves on Jevan's hands...He is a really good little helper..Wonderful Pictures Kansas, I especially like the one of the cat...Pat

DaviMack said...

Awesome. And a truly awesome shot of Hubby & the chips flying. Really.

Hilarious that Syd would get Jevan to try it first, though. ;)

Oma said...

Nice Easter baskets. Really great pictures. I love the one of Billy in the tree. That is funny, Sydney getting Jevan to try first.

Love Ya!