Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two Favourite Words: NO CAVITIES

Music to a Mama's ears :)

We went to the dentist today because it's been awhile.  The last dentist retired with no warning and when I heard a new dentist was in Lytton I quickly made an appointment for the kids.  I so liked the last dentist... he had a tv on the roof with headphones for the kids but unfortunately he took it with him when he left.  I'm just happy Lytton has a dentist again, tv or no tv :)

The dentist office and the people there are great, it's like going to a friend's house.  It's a rather run down old trailer that's been converted and the dentist is only here twice a week but you couldn't asked for a more homey place (how many times have you heard that about a dentist office?).

We all truck into the room when Jevan has his turn, Sydney can handle it by herself.  I asked the dentist if I can take pictures of Jevan, as well as himself, and he says "Sure no problem."  Out comes my camera :)  I'm snapping away and at one point the assistant stops and is standing there, I lower my camera to see what's going on and realize she's waiting for me.  I tell them to ignore me, heck I might take a 100 pictures from every different angle! lol

Meet Dr. Nick Girn.

After getting x-rays, a feat in itself because the last dentist wasn't able to get any, Jevan settles in.

Dr. Girn was quite casual and I think that helped Jevan relax.

Almost done :)

Now the fluoride.  They do the bottom teeth first and wouldn't you know it?... Jevan was able to flip that tray upside down with his tongue and lick out all the strawberry fluoride!  He then had his top teeth done and then his bottom teeth were redone with a stern warning from me to not eat the fluoride :)

The last three appointments the kids haven't had any cavities and that makes me happy.  They brush and floss in the morning and at night on most school days, weekends are pretty much a bust but this seems to be working okay.  Jevan liked the spit thingy.

We were at the dentist for about 1/2 an hour and after that we headed up to Jade Springs and had an early supper.  I'm off to Abbotsford tomorrow to pick up Aunty Helen and pop in to visit my niece Shaylee.  Have a great day everyone! :)


Anonymous said...

That is so cute. AB

tanita davis said...

Dr. Nick looks very kind.

I do wonder why they make that stuff fruit and bubble gum flavored if they expect the kids not to eat it...

DaviMack said...

Yay! Clean teeth!

We're putting that off... shame on us.

jackie said...

I wish that my kids had dentist reports like that! I have a hard time getting them to brush once a day let alone twice! Your a good mama and Jevan looks very comfortable in the chair.

Kansas A said...

I have no idea Tanita... I don't think they have to make it taste like cayenne pepper but how 'bout "no flavour?"

Julia said...

Nice pictures, I agree with Jackie, You're a good Mama and a good neighbour that is not hindered by distance.


Oma said...

Jevan was very brave. Good for him.

Love Ya!