Thursday, May 28, 2009

Could this be an Indigo Bunting?

I'm pretty sure this is an Indigo Bunting.  I snapped these pictures today at my feeder, the thing is this bird is not supposed to be anywhere near BC.  This guy is way off course because the closest he should be is in southern Manitoba, three provinces over from me, and that's only in the summer months.  I've compared the heck out of it and can't find anything too similar can anyone deny/confirm?

Indigo Bunting?

Indigo Bunting?

I'm including this picture because I've read that it can have purplish on it's head and, on my monitor, it looks like it's a bit there.

Indigo Bunting?


colourandlight said...

There is no doubt in my mind that he is an indigo bunting. We get them here in Ontario, although I have to get out of the city before I will see them. I wonder why he's so far from home! Such a beautiful bird, great photos too. :)

Kansas A said...

Thanks Colourandlight, I was pretty sure but I'm glad someone who's seen one was able to confirm :)

tanita davis said...

I'm beginning to HATE YOU.
You have prettier birds.
You have MORE birds.

Does Syd have room in her bedroom???

Kansas A said...

Okay Tanita I'll put a note on their legs and send them over to Scotland for ya ;) We'll call them the homing hummers lol!
As for Sydney having birds in her bedroom; no way! I remember when Dallas was little and she had a pet chicken she kept in a cage for awhile, never again.
EDIT: Oh I had to edit my post... you mean you want to come stay in Sydney's room?? LOL!! I'll let her know so she can clean up the mess ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a shocker. I have never seen a blue bird in our Vancouver Island area and he is beautiful. You got a great picture of it.

Mikey said...

He sure is pretty, whatever he may be. Gorgeous!

jackie said...

Your photos just keep getting better and better!