Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pics at the Pond

Just as the sun was setting the kids and I headed up to the pond.  The water has been staying even so we must be keeping the beavers in check.

The weather hit at least 27C/80F today and it was beautiful.  So long winter and hello summer!  Here's some pics of Sydney sitting on the dock.

Jevan had to throw rocks in the pond so we could get some ripples.

The more rocks he threw the more ripples we got :)

A close-up.

And of course her signature hands up to the sky pic :)


nikina said...

your daughter is such a beautiful little girl :) and the pics are outstanding !!! looks like a gorgeous day :)

Anonymous said...

Wow... great photos ab

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful girl!

tanita davis said...

The one with her back turned -- I love, for some reason. The light over her shoulder is really nice.

Did you make the dress?

Her Salute to the Sun is very lovely and yoga-esque.

Kansas A said...

Thanks Tanita. I didn't make the dress but I sure love the colours :)