Friday, July 24, 2009

Lillooet Fire

Things hit really close to home yesterday when a fire broke out above Lillooet. Lightning hit a very steep part of the mountain making things difficult for the forestry. The fire was classed as rank one and within a few hours had escalated to a rank three. Parts of the fire were deemed "unworkable" from the ground and could only be hit from the air. The fire went through the fire retardant and I think that's when eyebrows raised. Dallas called me and, while downtown, said she could see the flames on the mountain. Pictures I saw this morning show the mountain glowing in the night and the T-Bird was put on 24 hour evacuation alert. (NOT confirmed)

This morning I grabbed my camera and headed over to the Triangle Field. We've had smoke from the Goldbridge fire and now the Kelowna fire which made it quite hazy around here, but with this fire the smoke is rolling in the hills and is just too darn close for me!

Here's some pictures I took this morning.

Lillooet Fire

Lillooet Fire

Lillooet Fire

Lillooet Fire

Let's hope today brings rain and no more lightning strikes. Everyone in Lillooet stay safe!

Updated pics:

6:30 PM July 23 2009

Lillooet Fire July 23 2009 6:30 PM

9:00 PM July 23 2009

Lillooet Fire 9:00 PM July 23 2009

For the full set of pictures of the Lillooet fire visit my flickr set.

When I updated this blog post, to add the new pictures, all my comments were lost, please feel free to comment again :)

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Anonymous said...

That is looking very scary Kansas. get out of town... ab